Went to Parma with hubbie a few times now. The entrees were excellent….

Went to Parma with hubbie a few times now. The entrees were excellent. We are huge parmagiana fans and had both veal and chicken. Also had a pike dish (fish special). Outstanding. Hubbie travels all over the country for work and gets to eat in the best restaurants. To impress him is a big deal.

Daniella Nichols: I presume then this means you chose the Italian side? Glad to hear it has been good. I want to try it but have a hard time agreeing which side to try first.

Serenity Romero: The owner story has already been posted here. This is a friendly review site not WCCA.

Gabrielle Rivera: It was just a question. I wasnt going into details, I am honestly curious because Ive heard good things about the food.

Serenity Romero: Thank you.

Kendall Wells: The owner has not changed in the last three months since the last bash fest. I really want to try this place but every time I have tried to go it has been crazy busy. Crazy busy is a great sign. How does it work? They never have asked us which side we want just always have said 2 hour wait.

Gabrielle Rivera: No need to be rude…I didnt know about the last post. Ill go ahead and delete my first comment.

Kendall Wells: I am not trying to be rude. I just dont like seeing the owner being bashed anymore. Dude did what he did or whatever. The staff moved on, time for the public to. You voiced your opinion before,and i dont want to see this turn into another bash fest.

Cayden Sullivan: My wife and I have gone there twice and both times we sat at the bar and ordered the mushroom personal pizza with one of the many fine beer selections ( Coronado Mermaid Red). It truly is a taste treat that is hard to replicate in any kitchen.

Daniella Nichols: According the yelp reviews, when you go in, they ask if you want the Italian side or the gastropub side. Theres menus for both in the foyer, and there can be congestion there while people decide what theyd prefer. Apparently you cant order from the other menu after youve decided. Again, this is based on the yelp reviews and not personal experience. We want to try it but havent agreed yet. I say we should try whichever one first then go again and try the other and I dont care which we try first. I am usually out voted lol.

Griffin Mckenzie: My mom was just there, and not impressed. She felt it was overpriced for the quality. She found the guy hovering over the waitress distracting. I havent seen many good reviews of the place.

Serenity Romero: This post started as a good review.

Daniella Nichols: So…if a post is initiated that is a good review, then all comments on that post must be good reviews as well? No other opinions and experiences can be shared unless they match that of the original post? Am I understanding that correctly? Ive seen some posts of both the positive & negative variety regarding this restaurant, I find them all helpful and will use them in convincing my dining companions to try them.

Kelsey Holland: Having not been there yet and reading this let me ask this: I have to decide which side I want to sit on and can only order food from that side?

Daniella Nichols: Thats what it sounds like on the Yelp reviews, but hopefully someone whos been there will confirm since Ive not been there yet. Though, I can tell you, if you can only get the woodfire pizza on the gastropub side, then thats the side I want to try first. I miss those from Wild Truffle.

Cayden Sullivan: I enjoy reviews both positive and negative but not mean, as long as they are honest and not tied to an agenda.

Serenity Romero: Not at all. Jen . I was commenting on Peggys post.

Valeria Burton: First of all, my apologies for stating the wrong fish on my review. It wasnt pike, it was fluke. Very yummy. Yes, there is a gastropub bar menu and a dining room menu. I would suggest if you are in the mood for a burger or pizza night, go to the gastropub. If youd like fancier dishes, go to the dining room. Really not that big of a deal as long as you know this ahead of time. Prices reasonable too. Lunch is only the gastropub menu.

Valeria Burton: As for the hovering guy, its nice to see an owner approaching tables asking how your experience is instead of hiding out somewhere. I didnt find it annoying at all. When he isnt cooking hes making sure all is flowing well out in the dining area.