Question Just getting into bow fishing and the set up I have dont real…

Question Just getting into bow fishing and the set up I have dont really cut the water that good,have bright white led right now,what lights would yall recommend for river and slews,more muddy water than clear,thanks in advance

Jeff Clines: 400w hps!!! I only have to run 2 of them on the front of my boat they cut down through the muddy water better than anything on the market…

Dustin Belrose: Thank you sir

Brandon Ambrose: What he said or I see allot of people tinting their leds

Peter Jones: Try this first, its cheap. If you dont like it you can change over

Peter Jones:

Gregory Wright: This works, just did it to eBay cheap warm white leds. Cuts dang near as good as the hps

Dustin Belrose: Alrighty thanks for the help guys

Allan Simon: Try yellow tint

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Tommy Bieker: I have tried cheap lights… to white, blurs out the water. I added film… that sucked too because you lux/lumen output is SIGNIFICANTLY reduced!!! I tried 50w arch enemy… they were okay… just not enough light and the DC setup sucked……finally I went a/c premium lights (custom fitz) and they worked like a champ!!! Led let’s me go ALL night, 100W coverage.My advice: get seelites, custom fitz or 5 star LED lights and you won’t regret it. Anything else is a waste of time and money!

Chandler Williams: I have 8 custom fitz and love them!

Jon Killman Sr.: Southern light LED. Their 80 watt is brighter than any one elses 100 watt

Tommy Bieker: Look up Gary Briggs blood line Bowfishing on YouTube… he goes over a bunch of lights in detail. Also, stay between 2200k-2700k on color wavelength.