So I asked some questions the other day because I had never been bowfi…

So I asked some questions the other day because I had never been bowfishing before, I dont think I did to bad considering I used a longbow and dont have a reel

Jacob Smith: Those are some slabs man! Good shooting!

Lane Netto:

Lane Netto: Thanks, what I have to use haha

Jacob Smith: Hey man Ive been there! Lol

Lane Netto: I enjoy it, keep it simple, never been before so didnt want to invest to much effort into it

Jacob Smith: Your hooked now though aint ya?

Lane Netto: Ohh ya, but I want to stick to my longbow I like the challenge

Jacob Smith: You can get bottle reals your long bow and get away from then actual bottle lol

Lane Netto: Heres my upgrade going to install tonight

Lane Netto: The bottle kept denting

Lane Netto: Done, should work good

Jacob Smith: Good luck with it man!

Lane Netto: the bottle worked good enough, this should be better

Jacob Smith: No doubt!

Lane Netto: just ordered this reel, tape on, good enough for my longbow, i dont need a fancy one, just something sleeker than my metal can on a dowel haha

Jacob Smith: I never have been a fan of the wind up reels like that. But to each there own! As long as outside stickin fish and havein a blast what you shoot dont matter

Lane Netto: I dont want a heavy reel on my longbow, going for light and simple approach

Jacob Smith: The bottles reels weigh a pound maybe?

Lane Netto: Not sure never had one

Jacob Smith: Ive never weighed any of mine Im just guess but they add little to no weight to the bow

Jon Potter: The reel question (pun intended) is did you get all your arrows back

Lane Netto: Lost one, only had one had to run to grander lol

Jon Potter: Thats impressive! Was it a miss or did the fish swim off?

Lane Netto: i missed but i was using tipup line, so bought real bowfishing line and a new arrow

Lane Netto: the tipup line was like 20 lb test

Jeffery SV Jr.: So what do all yall do with those fish? Are they any good to eat?

Lane Netto: I dont eat them, but a friend is going to smoke all the carp I get, Ill try it haha

Jeffery SV Jr.: Yea I know carp are an invasive species up there and yall try to take out as many as yall can. But I was just wondering if they grind them up for fish food or mulch or just throw them out?

Lane Netto: I usually keep carp for fertilizer, but my friend smokes them, and I had a guy ask for some for cutbait

Jeffery SV Jr.: Yea I use the alligator gar for bait sometimes. But theyre a bitch to clean.

Lane Netto: I wish we had alligators and big gar up here, would be a blast

Jeffery SV Jr.: They fight so hard. If you get one more than 4 ft you better have two arrows in him.

Scott DeLosh: nice job . gonna try it in tbe st lawrence … massena.. this weekend Dustin Delosh..

Stephanie Dawber: James last night I showed you the pic of this guy long bow. Look at this!!!Good job man! Both on the catch and the bow!

Lane Netto: Thanks, pretty fun, the setup worked better than I thought, Im actually going to keep using the longbow, keep it simple haha

Sean Burkett: Good job

James Pearson: Not bad at all man good job!