Have a question….. I will start w how I came to this question. Was a…

Have a question….. I will start w how I came to this question. Was at a event yesterday for our club. Helping w teaching archery, one couple came up and we were talking about bowfishing. They asked if we eat the carp. I responded w no but we have our uses for them. Their response was you dont know what are missing! They said get the small ones. No bigger than say 12. Not the big ones. Pan fry it. They said it is the best fish! My question is Any truth to this? Are the smaller fish cleaner as the dont eat as much. They eat half their body weight a day so a small carp would maybe not have so many contaminants? I have never had carp as I heard it wasnt something u want to eat, but they were adiment I was wrong.

Kenneth Harden: Firsthand, carp, buffalo, gar, all delicious. Deep fried, pan fried, made into fish balls, blackened. Its all delicious.

Jordan Holland: It depends on where they come from and what type. Here, Silver, Bighead, and grass carp are good regardless of size. If you mean common carp, there is a much greater chance of them being nasty. Ive heard the ones in clear water are fine.

Mike Steward: I use to go to a restaurant who had all you can eat carp n buffalo. And I absolutely loved it. They closed up but it was always full on Thursday night when they did the carp n buffalo.

Stephanie Dawber: The water we get ours from are not the cleanest water (in the canals anyways). In the bay the water isnt horrible but still pretty bad. I am near Barrie, Ontario. We dont have buffalo or silver carp here. Only grass and common. I got my first Mirror carp a few weeks back. Personal best right now is 18.5lbs. Smallest was about 10-12. Didnt weight it. Really not sure about eating them. People eat bass, pike, perch, trout, all out of the same water. I heard gar is fantastic and we have them here in Lake Simcoe, spotted and longnose. They just arent seen or caught often. Really want to get one.

Jordan Holland: Definitely try gar if you get any.

Kenneth Harden: Whats the harm in trying it? 😂

Erik Hess: You can eat nearly anything if your hungry enough…I prefer to use our carp to fertilize corn which makes…well you probably know the song 😂

Stephanie Dawber: We use for fertilizer as well. Can use for dog food or chicken feed. Some bird sanctuaries take them too 😉

Brian Raisor: Yellow carp, other than the shingle recipe are horrible. Pan fried or deep fried. Woody and gamey. Small ones may be ok, but after eating blues cleaned right, or crappie…lmao. Next person tells you that might get a backhand