Question.. I have a 2010 JEEP PATRIOT Limited 4×2.. no tow package an…

Question.. I have a 2010 JEEP PATRIOT Limited 4×2.. no tow package and hitch.. it says I can only tow 1,000lbs max.. I need to tow a boat about 1700lbs.. is there anyway I can add more power to my Jeep to tow without burning my transmission?? Also the hitch at Walmart says it can tow up to 5,000lbs so does that mean I can tow up to 5,000lbs or it still has to be no more than 1,000lbs max?

Josh Marxen: Towing ratings are more about suspension, brakes and vehicle weight than power. Your Jeep actually has the same power (and probably suspension) as a jeep with tow package just not a hitch. (Half ton stuff is different but your jeep falls under 1/4 ton or car) The hitch can handle 5000lbs but your truck can only handle 50-60% of its own weight of 3200lbs and safely keep the tail from wagging the dog. The reason you only have a 1000lb limit though is because the truck is a unibody meaning it has no real frame and the government severely limits towing capacity. If your just going to the lake your 1700lb boat will be fine. On interstate travel though I wouldnt. And the hitch at Walmart is a generic one size fits all that are a pain to install if it will work at all on your unibody. Trust me order one made for your truck.

Kam Greene: wow I was hoping to lull that 1700lb boat about 25 miles

Josh Marxen: That shouldnt be a problem with normal speed and weather conditions. The laws on towing are very strict (I have a class A CDL) because you have to take winter driving, high winds, step mountain hills and every other bad scenario you can think of into …See more