My question is, is there a place/website that mechanics can use to ran…

My question is, is there a place/website that mechanics can use to rank cars for how easy or hard they are to work on, and that ranks them on the stupidity of the engineers? Weve all had issues where if the engineers had just moved a part 1/4 or put a small indentation in the frame/inner fender/plastic piece, a job could have been done in 20 minutes, but instead you have to pull the motor and use a $300 special socket to remove a simple, wearable part.

Josh Marxen: All of the top 10 worst car pages or Trucks to avoid sites are based on service records, accident claims, recalls and the like. A non biased report would look a War and Peace novel, and whenever someone tries to start something like what your looking for it turns into Fords are junk or thats why you dont buy GM (and Im being nice lol) I follow a Mechanics do it better site on FB that sells T shirts and where guys vent mostly about losing 10mm sockets. If you find something please let me know.

Ben Otto: Daniel. You just had yourself a million dollar idea.. Start the website! It wouldnt be that difficult to do, either. You would basically go around interviewing mechanics, verify a few records then compile data and rank it.

Daniel Buckenmyer: Actually, I have started work on it. There would be an anonymous component so that people that work for the car companies didnt get fired. I am sure that the car companies would spend tons of money to try to shut down the site though, so it will take a lot of thought on how to keep it running.

Ben Otto: Yeah. Youll need a really good bodyguard. Maybe even a full security team. 😂

Josh Marxen: IDK Ive yet to meet an engineer that even makes me nervous. And most of them are kinda pasty from hiding from all the mechanics with busted knuckles even after pulling off a tire to change the oil filter LOL