Roll call again…….Can all of the willing mechanics in this group p…

Roll call again…….Can all of the willing mechanics in this website please comment here. Sometimes i see questions not being answered. And i tag the few mechanics i know of. If i know more of you i can tag you in them too. In case you didnt see the original question when it was asked. Its always appreciated when someone responds. Thank YOU!

Ronald Johnson Sr: You already know me

Leslie Tyree: Yes i do. Lol im putting it out there again for others to see. In case their question doesnt get answered they can look into the comments and maybe specifically ask a mechanic here. Thank you Ronald Johnson Sr

Bryce Holmes: I just play one on TV.

Bryce Kenworthy: Me I never get notifications of questions being asked

Leslie Tyree: Hmmm wonder how people can get notified.

Dustan Gauley: I get one every now and then my news feed isnt always the sharpest lol

Brian Boehling: Love and miss u Leslie Tyree

Leslie Tyree: Aww Brian Boehling miss you too. Youre too sweet. Been what twenty years

Brian Boehling: Lol wow it has and its crazy when u think about it LOL

Brian Boehling: But ur was a friend to me in school and will never forget it!!!!

Leslie Tyree: Try the notification settings for the group Dustan Gauley it should help.

Dustan Gauley: Cool just adjusted them thanks Leslie Tyree

Leslie Tyree: No thank you

Jay Smith: 29 years Ford tech

Bryce Holmes: ^NEEDS to be my buddy. Lol

Jay Smith: nice ride 🙂

Bryce Holmes: Thanks. 02 7.3L 220,000

Jay Smith: that is a keeper

Paige Franzen: My fiancé -sheldon is on mine.

Leslie Tyree: If he has a facebook. Tell him to join

Paige Franzen: We share a Facebook.

Amy Tyree Lepine: You have to follow the page to get notifications

Todd Nyquist: Im a hot rod mechanic. Only old stuff! But am willing to help.

Leslie Tyree: Thats why i mentioned to people if they want to get notified and help others to Change there settings within this website to get notifications.

Todd Nyquist: You have to go to the respective page now and again to get regular notifications posted to your news feed.

Leslie Tyree: I get them all the time. Maybe because its my group.

Leslie Tyree: But there is a way. Click on the group. Then the three vertical dots. In there is settings to get notified. Should work.

Amy Tyree Lepine: I get them all the time too