Premiere question title tool question. Say you got a bunch of subtitle…

Premiere question title tool question. Say you got a bunch of subtitles and you want to add a drop shadow to all of them. You get it how you want on one title – now to make the change on all the rest of them. How?

Chad Sigston: I dont think you can universally do them all at once but you could save as a preset and got title to title and use the preset.

Jennifer Beman: Argh!

Jamie Hunter: Presets… heh, I really need to take advantage of them

Jennifer Beman: oh my god! I have to click on every damn one of these things and then click the preset? Ill be clicking all night. :(((((

Joshua David: Apply the drop shadow via the effects panel as opposed to inside the Title panel. Then copy the drop shadow effect, select all other subtitles and paste.

Fred Beahm: No, add drop shadow to one. Copy it. Then select all of the others and then right click, paste attributes. Then select the drop shadow and click okay. It will paste to all of the others.

Jennifer Beman: Joshua david Thank you! that did it. Yay! It doesnt have spread, but Ill live without that. Perfect!

Larry Chadwick: You can change the settings of the drop shadow in the effect panel of the clip

Jennifer Beman: Love it that I got help so quickly. 🙂

Sai Aditya: Or you can nest them all and add the preset To that sequence and itll add it to everything

Shiran Carolyn Amir: The best way is by using subcap, not title tool. Its in the effects under Generate. Changes all subcaps that are on the same track