Editing with a big script question. How do you do with the script digi…

Editing with a big script question. How do you do with the script digitally? I really don’t want to print 40-200 pages every time I edit a project and waste a lot of paper… I like to make notes, mark done each scene and highlight character names to avoid confusion on dialogue order for me etc. This post won’t let me do a poll

John Quinn: I open my pdfs of scripts in my kindle app on my iPad. You can highlight things. Not sure about making notes.

Julian Habib: The best thing about kindle is making notes lol 🙂

Vinnie Manierre: I mean.. We usually print one for each Assistant and one for the editors and then just print the new pages as they are issued throughout the process.I cant deal with a digital script and dont take that information on the same way as when I have a hard copy. My brain jm just doesnt work like that.Unfortunately my poll answer would be to print em. You can notate pdfs and the like. And if you have an iPad or tablet its even easier, just not for me.

Richard Sanchez: I like having a physical script printed on my desk. Flipping pages instead of having to tab windows works better for me.

Christopher Darlington: 12.9” iPad works for me.Notes, highlight, notes are searchable. I do it right within iBooks.

Ashley McKinney: There is an app called Scriptation. That works really nice for digital scripts. I haven’t used it in a while because I’ve gotten into a groove with printed script notes that works for me.

Elizabeth Crowley OLeary: Agreed. My eyes need some non screen/ low tech printed pages as a rest

Scott Fisher: Always need tangible paper in front of me.

Stu Willis: Goodreader is great.

Alex Gans: Have to have the tangible script. iPad doesn’t work for me

Ben King: Lots of options for making notes on digital documents – all the above and more. I personally use either my iPhone plus or my laptop. Paper and ink is so wasteful

Thomas Mathai: Why not just print two pages on one and double sided.

Krystal La Spina-Burgess: I do that…

Ben King: Still wasted paper – it’s going in the bin after the edit or the next script update.

Claire Berry: Upload your script to google docs… you can annotate it and add side notes instead of your script getting messy… plus if you get your producer to use it too, their updates/changes appear in real time so no need for a million versions!

Jeff Castelluccio: Hard copy all the way

Bryan Colvin: Kill the trees, its worth the peace of mind haha

Leah Breuer: I too can’t stand the waste of paper. The app Notability is what I use now. It’s a few bucks and well worth it, you can do everything you say you need to do on it. I’ll print out the final production draft to have my ultimate hard copy as it is good to have around in case anyone needs to see it while we’re working, but that’s he only copy I print. I don’t need to print director’s/producer’s notes anymore either. 👍🏼

Jason Shumway: I also use a 12.9 Ipad with Notability and an apple pencil. Can write notes, Highlight. type notes. draw… everything I use to do on paper. just import the PDF and go. I like it alot. but it really the app that will make the experance a win or a loss Notability is hands down my pick.