PMY – just started drilling, assay results at the end of May, oh dear,…

PMY – just started drilling, assay results at the end of May, oh dear, did I just say something fundamental? Now, from a technical point of view, the depth is amazing, it seems that all the .015 sellers have finally been soaked up, (probably by the bots and the uprampers). If they are drilling for copper then silver is often a byproduct, now, what is the closest thing to Silver? Answer, the Lone Rangers testicles.

Madelyn Wilkins: What are the fundamentals Frank Watkins? Potentially good drilling results?

Leonardo Henderson: everything has potential, potentially I will wake up tomorrow

Manuel Conner: Laughed all the way through this update thank you Frank 🙂

Leonardo Henderson: My school teachers in the 1950s and 60s used to write reports about my unused potential,

Christina Little: Good entry point now…sp currently 12.5% down today, 0.014 atow

Callie Huff: Frank Watkins buyers depth eroded today. Any technical explanation?

Leonardo Henderson: Callie Huff: technicals are based on price, you are asking for an explanation which I assume is fundamental?

Callie Huff: Great close today !

Aaliyah Austin: What is amazing about the depth? (Genuine question..)

Callie Huff: Market had change of heart today,what happened? Fundamentals still same.

Leonardo Henderson: yes, the sellers at .015 back with a vengeance.

Callie Huff: Bit of Mexican stand off will come in play on Monday before next leg up I reckon. Is it still a buy or hold ?

Leonardo Henderson: Callie Huff: , it is for you, whatever you do, no great commentary from me, most of mine are held from .011 so Im happy

Callie Huff: Frank Watkins true that, entry price makes all the difference. Holding it from .013 and happy as well. My intreguing mind just try to seek answers for actions take place in the market. Learning from yourself and likes of Dave … appreciate your feedback 🙂

Caroline Patterson: Scott 👌🏼

Peyton Dunn: I got stopped out. Any thoughts as to whats going on with this one?

Leonardo Henderson: Pretty disappointing, they are just very low on cash.

Emilia Cook: Volume arrived today.

Emilia Cook: Munch munch munch.

Callie Huff: Going good. Emilia Cook: I know you give zero Fs to fundamentals but this one has some strong pipeline. Added cherry on top;)

Emilia Cook: Good back up. 👍 All of a sudden today, buy stack just filled up bigtime!!!

Emilia Cook: Better be careful today. An asx speedo might be due is it keeps going like this.

Callie Huff: If that happens, I am hoping PMY dont give AVZ kinda response Haha

Emilia Cook: It wont. Its in australia 😂

Emilia Cook: Cash levels are a little tight. $1.4m vs $550k exp last quarterly. Suspect there could be a raise soon. Just guessing as I have no idea on FA. But, something to note nonetheless.

Callie Huff: Watching closely, will work out their cash burnout rate. Thanks for highlighting it Dave.

Jolene Leonard: Interesting buys today as nearly all trades are massive! Not your mums and dads buying into this one today.

Emilia Cook: Ive been watching for last month in top corner of screen. Majority of the orders have been quite large.

Helen Morgan: Managed to get in at 0.012 last week and got out today at 0.015…

Jolene Leonard: Wheres the bags at Dave 😝

Emilia Cook::


Emilia Cook: Dumpy dump. Lol

Jolene Leonard: Looks like the people who bought yesterday are keen to lose some money!

Emilia Cook: Its some unusual activity. Its getting absorbed!

Callie Huff: Haha this thingi is going nuts. Massive volume spike in last two days and now this rinse and repeat. Pro tree shake or day traders on steroids Emilia Cook:?

Emilia Cook: And, they are chunky orders. Im guessing pros trying to work price up for next CR. Again, Im only guessing.

Callie Huff: My gut feel too.

Callie Huff: Emilia Cook: apparently soaking still going on? Massive volume still.

Emilia Cook: Ive stepped out of office for couple hours. Ill have a look when I get back.

Emilia Cook: Looks to be heaps of absorbing at 1.2

Callie Huff: Thanks for getting back Dave. Yes 1.1 and 1.2 seems good entry/topping up points.