Has anyone else been following VAL. 1.3c SP, 52wk high of 4.5c, $2M ca…

Has anyone else been following VAL. 1.3c SP, 52wk high of 4.5c, $2M cash in bank, directors own nearly 300M of the 1.5B SOI. JORC resource estimate released in Jan ‘18 indicates over a $3B resource of Ag, Cu, Zn at Berenguela, Peru. Now with grades up to 500g/t Ag and 1.7% Cu at Corona, the resource is just getting larger. Grateful for low SP to accumulate and have been doing just that. I think when this runs its going to fly…any thoughts as seems really undervalued?

Beau Yates: Agreed. Seriously undervalued. Sheeple see no lithium and pass over it. Fools.

Justice Bowers: Very undervalued

Vincent Hale: Only 2.5% has been explored also this could be huge.

Marcus Scott: Massive potential mate. Its really only a matter of time until it gets noticed again.

Vincent Hale: If my memory serves me right they were getting hits of over 5,000g/t of Silver at Berenguela which was off the charts and they couldnt measure it first time around due to it being so high

Marcus Scott: Wow…hope those numbers get confirmed. Its been good for me that the price has been down. I have been loading up at 1.3c whenever it allows. Would still like more but only because Im greedy. Looking forward to the rockets posts when it does take off.

Vincent Hale: Heres the confirmation

Marcus Scott: Yep…now I definitely feel my 3M is not enough. This really could be HUGE!!!

Vincent Hale: Have you added to your 3M? I have heaps now too 🤗

Marcus Scott: no. Im trying to be patient as Ive got a big chunk anyway. If I get more cheap great, if not, still got a good amount.

Vincent Hale: The buy queue stacked up nicely today. A few new buyers in the mix. Im going to accumulate more I have a good feeling with this one.

Marcus Scott: Its going to run hard…its only a matter of time.

Marcus Scott: Im still in the buy queue at 1.3 and 1.4 waiting for a dip

Vincent Hale: $19M MC is way undervalued IMO for a $3B and growing resource especially seeing though only 2.5% has been explored and the excellent grades theyve been returning.

Marcus Scott: Just keep accumulating. Gonna have a re rate eventually.

Cooper Harrington: How long to being a producer?

Vincent Hale: Im not sure but they are in talks with offtake agreements and drill results in the coming months to expand their resource size 🖒

Marcus Scott: Still drilling as far as I have read. I think they are keen to develop Berenguela as a priority. Have a read of the last years announcements. Looks the goods.

Beau Yates: Vincent Hale: hasnt the resource been upgraded 80% in the past year? With only 2.5% explored I can see why they said they will be drilling right up to the edge of our permit.

Vincent Hale: Yes 80% in the last year and more drilling to start in May

Vincent Hale: Borrowed this from Bevtev on HC: The Company is also taking important steps towards commercialisation of the project as we approachcommencement of PFS in June/July of this year. We have seen a lot of interest from globally recognised copper and silver off-take partners. These discussions are ongoing and we expect the results to provide significantsupport to the scoping study process and into PFS. The scoping study is now being complete in conjunctionwith these discussions and we expect to release the results in the coming weeks.”

Liberty Moore: When was this published? Coming weeks? Cheers.

Vincent Hale: 16th April, I like the part where they say they are finding it everywhere they go

Liberty Moore: Thanks mate, yeh it sounds good.

Eve Nguyen: Youtu.be

Valor Resources promotes Peru projects during Australasian…

Vincent Hale: Someone just took out .015c

Vincent Hale: Another good close today! 1.6c got line wiped by an unfulfilled 3M order. I like the chances of the 4.5c options getting in the money by the end of the year. If they can replicate some hits at Corona as they did at Berenguela this will certainly go on another run! Over 5,000g/t Silver in some of the drill core at Berenguela. Corona only 1.5km away with silver/copper/cobalt everywhere apparently. So much more upside to this given the amount of land they still have to explore.

Marcus Scott: Bought another 1M today. Couldnt resist. This will be a monster.

Vincent Hale: Me too, been going all out I have 7.2M 😳 This will spike to get those 4.5c options in the money 👊 Happy to hold and wait for the 💰💰💰

Marcus Scott: $72000 for every cent rise in SP. 😂 will be worth the wait mate!!!

Vincent Hale: I know! This is a safe bet IMO. 10c and Im out of here 😛

Marcus Scott: It could very well happen mate and pretty quickly too.

Vincent Hale: Im seriously considering rounding to 10M… I have orders in at 1.3c still if it hits but need to sell off some others. Ive been scooping at 1.4c last few weeks jumping the queue. Bargain

Marcus Scott: Me too

Marcus Scott: Will continue to accumulate until the market wakes up.

Vincent Hale: How good will it be if they say they got hits of over 5,000g/t again! High possibility seeing though Corona is only 1.5kms from Berenguela and theyre saying there is Silver everywhere they look and they have checked right up to their boundaries. Reminds me of KRC when I got on those at 0.9c 🙂 Gotta get in early before everyone else does 👊

Marcus Scott: Looking forward to the Anns out end of month and June from memory.

Vincent Hale: Drill results? I think scoping study on Berenguela is due in the next week or 2?

Marcus Scott: Reading too much shit from everywhere atm and hard to remember every detail and where it applies. 😂

Vincent Hale: Haha yeah I need to check again as well, I remember something about the PFS is being worked on in conjunction with offtake agreements?

Marcus Scott: Doesnt matter…its going to be a winner.So you got in at 0.009 KRC? Wow nice one!! When did you get out? Pls tell me like high teens 😀

Vincent Hale: Man I cant believe it but I was buying and selling dips. It spiked one day to 5.4c so I sold my 4M expecting it to come down slightly so I could buy them back I knew all along from the beginning theyd crack 10c. Literally 10 minutes after I sold they…See more

Marcus Scott: Congrats anyhow mate. Just unlucky and it happens in this game. VAL will get it back for sure.

Vincent Hale: KRC has well and truly paid for my VAL 🤑

Marcus Scott: Are you hot for anything else atm? I got into SEA last week and that jumped today. Going to keep that for a mid term hold I think. Also like STX. Big $$$ coming not too far away. Have a big chunk in AGY which should at least bag by the years end cons…See more

Vincent Hale: AGY I have 270KG88 results due this week and steady news over the coming months, Im holding 50k (Very low volume atm though, under the radar)VAL I have 7.2M (Multi Bagger surely)…See more

Vincent Hale: Ive looked at some of those other ones you mentioned – Ill take a look again. Just my mind has been on other things and Im waiting on exiting some positions. STX is gas from memory? Are they the ones drilling that massive hole?

Marcus Scott: yes they are. In SA.

Eric Morris: 0.012 crucial for Valor

Vincent Hale: This is reminiscent of KRC when no one was on to it. VAL oppies exercisable at 4.5c end of year this will get pumped for sure. I reckon its a safe multibagger. Steady news to come, PFS, upgrading JORC, offtake agreements. A no brainer

Carmen Holloway: Load up Nathan 💰

Vincent Hale: Brendan haha I have mate if top 20 is still the same as last year I should be # 18 🙂

Madeleine Lewis: mid June 2018 😉 before tax year end

Vincent Hale: Look at how many likes VAL gets on their posts. I had a look and most are from South America – they must know more over there than we do here!? Facebook.com

Valor ResourcesLike Page
6 May at 18:00 ·
The expanded sampling campaign at Corona is intended to continue testing for high grade, Berenguela-style copper and silver mineralisation across the Corona area. #valorresources #copper #silver #investors

Cooper Harrington: Do you guys know why the sp is in decline?

Marcus Scott: SP has reached its base now at 0.13ish. Cant see it going lower on big volume. Why did it decline? More selling than buying😉.It was getting shorted for a while there. Maybe the project was too far away on peoples timelines and wanted cash out??? Im just grateful that I can accumulate at such low levels 😁

Cooper Harrington: Isnt it being in Peru a concern?

Marcus Scott: why do u think that?

Nathaniel Holloway: Cooper Harrington: The guinea pigs there are vicious.

Cooper Harrington: Just asking. Newbie question I thought Ive read political issues before

Cooper Harrington: Here ya go Mining.com

Political crisis pushes out auction of giant Peru copper…

Nathaniel Holloway: Cooper Harrington: Its South America – more politically stable than Colombia or Venezuela and safer than anywhere close to Mexican border lol!

Cooper Harrington: Martin 😂 thanks

Nathaniel Holloway: Cooper Harrington: Did you see whats going on in Venezuela though? World of Warcraft coins are actually worth more than govt issued currency at the moment (!) 🤣

Cooper Harrington: Yes. the people and its country being so rich in resources and once a booming oil producer… what has happened. Oh well its like stocks. They go up and down and some never back up. 😂

Vincent Hale: I might be in the top 20 if it hasnt changed since 26th September last year (Coincidentally my birthday – maybe a good sign!? 🤔) Looking forward to the drill results from Corona next Qtr. Its an extension of Berenguela so the chance of hitting exceptional targets like last year is quite high and not as risky as other stocks in terms of producing good results. The Copper Equivalent grades of their current JORC are triple of that of an active mine in Peru. Tonnage not quite there but Corona should take care of that and then theres the other 90% + of their holding to explore. My reason for loading up at current price. Nothing better than grabbing something at these levels as I did with KRC last year. Just need the patience and reap the rewards in time. I reckon there will be a push to get those options in the money (4.5c = 3.5 bags from here – I think it will hit this mark next Qtr if Corona brings the goods). Long term if this thing gets to mining stage well who knows… Over $3b in resources already and this will only rerate when they upgrade the JORC to include Corona 🙂 Marketindex.com.au

Valor Resources Limited

Vincent Hale: Top 20 information correct at 26th September 2017: 1) 11.11% SSR Mining: SSR Mining Inc., formerly Silver Standard Resources, is a Vancouver-based mining company focused on the operation, development, exploration and acquisition of precious metal projects. En.wikipedia.org 7.12% Byambaa Zolzaya – wife of geologist Matthew Wood Businessnews.com.au 6.78% Sunset Capital Management Pty Ltd – Super fund4) 4.57% Kiwanda Group is a private venture capital firm, providing funding and business development to mining and exploration companies.5) 4.34% Gemstar Investments – Private investment firm6) 3.84% Resort Style Living7) 3.84% Steven Sequeira Pty Ltd8) 3.3% Kiwanda Copper is a private minerals exploration company focused on acquiring high quality copper exploration projects Kiwandacopper.com 3.05% Lara Exploration – Lara is a prospect generator of precious metal, base metal, industrial metal and other resource opportunities in South America. Laraexploration.com 2.77% Mr. Lay Ann Ong serves as President of TrustAsia. Mr. Ong serves as the Chief Executive Officer of WestStar Ventures of Singapore. He is a co-owner of Weststar Precast Pte Ltd.11) 1.65% Agens Pty Limited12) 1.47% RD Consulting Ltd13) 1.27% Gemmelli Nominees 14) 1.17% Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited15) 0.89% Avonglade Enterprises Pty Ltd16) 0.85% Mr Mario Di Lallo & Mrs Alison Valerie Di Lallo17) 0.84% Mrs Sneh Villanova18) 0.69% Tayeh Enterprises Pty Ltd19) 0.64% Agens Pty Ltd20) HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited 0.62%

SSR Mining Inc – Wikipedia

Vincent Hale: 60.81% held by top 20

Marcus Scott: How much you accumilated now Nathan? 😂

Marcus Scott: 6M not enough?

Vincent Hale: Marcus Scott: 9,059,063 😂 I cant be bothered in trading regularly – rather put it in a penny I reckon has good potential LT 🙂

Marcus Scott: LOL…congrats mate. Im up to 5M.

Vincent Hale: Im sitting in the queue to grab more in case someone dumps while the price is hanging at support

Marcus Scott: Nice. Someone just took out 800K+ now.

Vincent Hale: Well hopefully people start realising the potential here – should be plenty of news flow coming in the next 6 months. Im sitting tight and will grab more if someone dumps a load.

Marcus Scott: Hope in that time the pennies wake the fuck up too. Things has slowed in the spec sector unfortunately.

Vincent Hale: Yeah agreed – you think tax time has much to do with it? My theory – and also that drilling programs etc mostly start after easter so results come in QTR 3

Marcus Scott: Could be a bunch of things as you said…also the higher end of town are looking pretty fully priced atm and hopefully some of investors money coming into the market gets put into the micro and smaller caps.

Vincent Hale: Drilling starting next month, Corona depths up to 250m, Berenguela up to 500m to see if anything below what they already found. Big rerate coming IMO when they update the JORC. Asx.com.au