Hey team, anyone know of any good lithium and marijuana companies to i…

Hey team, anyone know of any good lithium and marijuana companies to invest in? cheers

Aliyah Campbell: 4ce

Beau Crawford: Yes

Hailey Moran: Haha same 👍

London Lane: SURE DO

Eleanor Thompson: TAW

Maxwell Douglas: MXC, EXL, SYA, LPD

Stella Lynch: Qbl

Charles Underwood: I know a few

Beatrice Lamb: PLS, THC. DYOR

Christopher Swanson: Ffs

June Walker: is that an actual stock code or what? haha came up with mma offshore…

Beatrice Lamb: June Walker: If it was there would be quite a few investors.

Maria Scott: It would be the most quoted ticker of all time.

Christopher Swanson: June Walker: sorry its not mate.. PLEASE look through the order posts a lot of the info you need to research should be found within this website

Hailey Moran: POO 👌

Magnolia Walsh: DHR

Josiah Brown: Just look for someone putting a few of these 🚀🚀 and you know it must be good

June Walker: like them crypto pricks Josiah Brown:

Josiah Brown: Love a crypto pick with rockets 🚀

Eli Reyes: KTA, PUr should go well

Joanna Hardy: QBL and EXL

Maria Scott: Nope.

June Gonzalez: Well your either going to get high or charged up Lithium v Vanadium tho Im looking at Vanadium I think it is a better prospect longer term than lithium Happy to be corrected on that no expert on the subject Just like the research Ive seen on Vanadium.No im not going to post reams on here its Anzac day beer two up races.Google it plenty of debate there

Samuel Saunders: PLS,MXC,LPD,QBL

Jeremy Lindsey: NMT 👀 🚀 🤣

Adriel Guzman: Define good. Are you talking about potential or current capability? It depends on your risk profile and whether you are talking short, medium or long term. E.g. AVZ has a lot of long-term potential, but GXY is currently producing product,

June Walker: Adriel Guzman: Im not too sure just getting ideas to look into at this stage… Im semi new to investing shares only got ETFs at the moment. Working in the resource industry myself, Ive heard lithium will be australias biggest export in the coming years. Lots of lithium projects going ahead in WA and NT

Adriel Guzman: Thats fair enough mate. Perhaps paper trade for a while prior to putting money in straight away. I jumped in straight away and while I made a couple of gains, I also made a couple of losses. The gains could probably be considered luck. Base your inves…See more

Katie Patton: And when you see a 🚀 do the opposite lol

Amir French: ^ the advice from Tim above is spot on.

Adriel Guzman: Apologies Matty, I do not know much about PLS and was basing it off comments of others. I have amended the post accordingly.

Mabel Andrews: Adriel Guzman: PLS is not yet producing product

Adriel Guzman: Matty I am not sure why you deleted your original comment and then reposted the same thing. Regardless, please see my most recent comment. Reference to PLS has been removed from the post.

June Gonzalez: Did I read the other day some company is exporting lithium from Esperance? Sorry cant recall the code

Marilyn Griffith: Julian, why dont you just scroll through all of the posts in the group first.

Archer Bennett: Its ANZAC day, go invest in your country

June Walker: been to dawn service and currently playing 2up at the local RSL…

Archer Bennett: Good on you Julian, so have I. Also at the RSL. Bloody disgusted by the young beer crew up here. Young men drunk already that only arrived recently and women dressed like absolute whores

King Hunter: PLS AJM

Marley Swanson: AC8

Miracle Reese: Choose ones about to deliver not pie in the sky… PLS, TAW AJM etc are the go if you do the sums. Well expected sums

Jada Horton: None

Aaliyah Barrett: Perhaps he better question that will arm you against future perceptions of laziness is ‘hey what are you ideas for the best way to research and how do I weigh up the differences of the stocks Im interested in.

Maxwell Schneider: AGY will have Ann about LCE in the coming week or 2

Victoria Bowers: AGY still really cheap and about to start producing

Layla Morrison: AC8 & CAN for MM

Amir French: AC8, PLS, AVZ, KRC, AUZ are my holdings.MM, lithium, vanadium and copper in those holdings.Mostly invested due to hype and following the herd haha. Im trying to learn how to effectively DMOR. Theres a lot to learn!

Isaac Brock: Jesus christ. The mods must be having a breakdown reading this

Rebecca Byrd: Gunner Santos:Josh Sassella you boys got any

Gunner Santos: Nah, havent heard of many.

Eli Reyes: Bd1

Rowan Malone: AVZ and QBL are the GOATS 🐐

Miguel Reid: Buy as much BDI as you can, I need to sell, help a brother out…

Eli Reyes: *BD1

Miguel Reid: Bard?

Miguel Reid: Im talking about Blina

Eli Reyes: Im talking about BD1 lol

Miguel Reid: So far as marijuana goes, I recommend starting an open house if you want to make some actual coin 😂😂😂

Lillian Perry: Thats where the money is, instant cash roll😂

Carson Johnson: AJM!

Miguel Reid: Might look at that if it turns at 29

Ariah Castillo: Look at MXC they are up and down, cheap at the moment. They have products on the market amd working on a lot of different levels. Epilepsy, Psoriasis and cosmetics.

The Psoriasis Institute
185 Moggill Rd, Taringa 4068

Elliana Harmon: Are they using/trialling mxc products at the institute ??

Ariah Castillo: Latest anouncements

Virginia Mcdonald: LPD , SYA

Eli Reyes: CXO

Sophie Hamilton: AVZ definitely

Ophelia Fields: Taw

Ophelia Fields: Nva