DRC Monano, AVZ in white 4CE in orange, BMZ in green (yellow tbc for B…

DRC Monano, AVZ in white 4CE in orange, BMZ in green (yellow tbc for BMZ) red bars are know lithium bearing pegamites, BMZ looks like they could be pretty good here

Khloe Adams: Lorcan BrennanHayden Murray:Scott CouttsJack Varian

Hayden Murray: BMZ could be worth a punt

Caroline Houston: Whered you find this info?

Adalyn Willis: The info is available in the announcements The also state that the Geology throughout the region is identical to AVZ This doesnt mean it will replicate AVZ in any way but it is a positive and the whole Manono/KITOTOLO region is undoubtably the largest hard rock discovery on the planet by a absolute mile

Caroline Houston: Matt Tattis you da man, Mr Tattis

Adalyn Willis: Caroline Houston: ha far from it

Adalyn Willis: Indeed !Just doing a SPP atm and we get 1 for 1 at 2c and options so the market is waiting for a selldown anticipating to buy at 2.2-2.3c but weather that happens or not will be the question remembering top 20 own about 75%.Im not relying on a pullback and have been buying and wont be selling any of my 2c shares from the SPP.Also to note that the other lease next door is tantalex who just reported a 100m assay yesterday.I have no doubt Lithium from the DRC will be making it to end users in China via the new refurbished road that the Chinese are spending $300m on..The question is whos the best punt ?

Xavier Garcia: Agreed still a fair price for 0.03 fomo kick in

Adalyn Willis: Just note the trend from AVZ Manono runs North East to south west.Whats either side is still a mystery with not much historical data except for 4CE and Kanuka who have MRR mining there already The Land to the north of Manono is also highly prospective with KPC claiming pegmatite thinkness of 200m+,they also have a lease south west of 4CE along KITOTOLO and KPc is also valued at $50m MC so BMZ and 4CE both seem cheap to me and so is AVZ in my eyes

Khloe Adams: Matt Roso

Gabriela Phillips: Karen Matthews

Luna Logan: Bmz🚂🚂

Xavier Garcia: my silent achiever in a red sea today .. LT on everything 😂😂🔫🔫

Luna Logan: Xavier Garcia: same Ive learnt an expensive lesson going LT on KRC

Xavier Garcia: Luna Logan: bought on the downer after the hype still a good company, im sitting on everything (worth holding) now as LT haha so boring ..

Adalyn Willis: Holding up very well 50%+ on SPP price Buying is strong and not much selling Hopefully continue

Chance Simpson: Happily in today at 2.9c

Xavier Garcia: not a good day for Li in general, not a good day for me i need a valium and 8 beers

Adalyn Willis: Shes brutal alrite 😂

Holden Davidson: Red day after red day after red day 😥

Alan Russell: Get in the queue lol!

Chance Simpson: You like BMZ Martin?

Alan Russell: I think Ive got enough DRC li exposure already lol!

Chance Simpson: Fair

Xavier Garcia: picked up a bit more, false drop imo, the other day it was two XTs causing the drop with people unwilling to pay what its worth for now, just no proof in the pudding yet for BMZ, havent become hyped yet either (which is good)