ASX: 4CE Monster Thread Latest News: Our Neighbors Tantalex- Tantalex …

ASX: 4CE Monster Thread Latest News: Our Neighbors Tantalex– Tantalex Intercepts 99.5 Metres of Spodumene Bearing Pegmatite in First Drillhole at Buckell Lithium Property This is freaking great news guys, Further proof that the DRC Lithium is king!

Nevaeh Williams: First time Ive seen the buyers side in line with the sellers for a while

Declan Flores: Great stuff. Patience is the key here.

Jaiden Moody: Looking good today already

Eva Dixon: Im the wizard

Cody Abbott: Not to upramp, It wouldnt suprise me if further acquisitions were on the way with the blacked out part i scribbled…

Wyatt Johnston: Between Manono and KITOTOLO is where you would wantStrike heads SW

Cody Abbott: Matt Tattis Agreed but there is another big peg in the blacked out section.

Wyatt Johnston: Cody Abbott: is it called the black republican pegmatite?Thats offensive

Laura Dennis: Buy Side and Sell Side evening out

Cody Abbott: The bots played the price so much its ruined the market for buyers.this is well under priced especially after those two acquisitions…

Riley Conner: Too many announcements? Zero interest in this it seems. Was hoping I could sell on a price jump today. Oh well. Ill hold till 10$ sharenprice 😂

Gavin Love: There also has to be a perceived connection to AVZ. Question, do they have any common directors and do the employ Airguide as a consultant?

Cody Abbott: Nope. no connection at all.Besides Jason being a friend and fellow colleague with michael in another company….See more

Gavin Love: Thanks Cody Abbott: your a wealth of information, I still think that there could be so perceived connection. Hopefully it doesnt hold them back

Destiny Huff: Considering its way undervalued due to bot manipulation i might just top up for myself at these discount levels 🙂

Declan Flores: That dude from Sky News who had the huge rant yesterday – was right in that many speculative lithium miners will either go bust or be bought out – 4CE is indeed very high risk, but it appears as though they may just pull through and come out the other end as a staple miner. At least that is what we are all hoping!

Riley Conner: Thats a general statement though. All the small exploration companies are just that. Buy land. Find something. Sell. Very few exploration companies become operators.

Cody Abbott: Riley Conner: Agreed.I wont comment on other stocks, But i will say this Jason did say this …See more

Declan Flores: I might be in the dark on this, but I thought an exploration company turned in to a production company once it owns land on which resources have been found, and is actively mining it?

Rose Mcgee: We are on the rocket ship to mars boys Jack VarianScott CouttsPenelope Greene:

Penelope Greene: It does show confidence.. lets drill this thing

Cody Abbott: Fuck yeah #DDTB

Imani Gutierrez: The hype is over with lithium, only the strong survive now. Size does matter and they will be the cheapest per tonne anywhere on the planet.

Scarlett Alexander: Why does the price continue to fluctuate in a similar pattern all day everyday? It seems like it has such high potential at the start of every day and then is oversold (in my opinion) and drops by the end of the day. Is this the action of bots or just an accurate reflection of the stock price?

Fiona Powell: Think its just the wedging pattern

Scarlett Alexander: Fiona Powell: jajaja think thats the case for all stocks that arent paying for a holiday

Cody Abbott: WHOLY FUCKING SHIT.4CE IS ROCKETING TOMORROW. GLTAH.OUR NEIGHBORS:Tantalex Intercepts 99.5 Metres of Spodumene Bearing Pegmatite in First Drillhole at Buckell Lithium Property
Tantalex Intercepts 99.5 Metres of Spodumene Bearing Pegmatite in…

Liana Moody: Matt Dixon

George Cook: WOW!!!!!

Cody Abbott::


Cody Abbott::


Cody Abbott::


George Cook: With AVZ hitting 300m and TTX hitting 100m in their first hit!!! 4CE should have similar hits… soo keen for our drills to hit the ground

George Cook: $400mill MC by the end of the year?

Cody Abbott: George Cook: LOL 400M is cheap but screw it ill be happy 10bagger from these prices?Yea we made it.

Cody Abbott: another person has decided to accumulate after that news came out

Cody Abbott: pushing it down hard. and picking them up.

Cody Abbott: watch it close around where we opened.anybody selling now is getting punked imo.

George Cook: Great to see accumulating – smart money

Cody Abbott: Helena Dunn: not to worry.This is a wholenother person trying to accumulate now and theyre desperate to pick up shares. Sold off on the close to try forward that bad momentum towards tomorrow.Announcement will stop him/her in their tracks.Patience. My opinion only.

Helena Dunn: Holding a large parcel for the long term. So fingers crossed

Sydney Lambert: who is it Cody Abbott: ?

Cody Abbott: No idea but I watch it live and its obvious someone is accumulating

Sydney Lambert: Is there a top 20 sh list to keep an eye on