Please help: Laurel on a film poster question How can I add the festiv…

Please help: Laurel on a film poster question How can I add the festival laurel on a already made film poster please. and what simple image editor I could use Please tell me in step by step (I copied the laurel and pasted on a poster and nothing comes up) I want the film poster looks like the one attached – transparent laurel where you could see the poster image as well as the laurel

Craig Parkes: If you have a PNG with the laurel then you can simply add it as a layer using Photoshop. If you dont have photoshop you could use gimp, or any number of other free image editing software

Oscar Gonzalez: Is that Laurel or Yanni?

Eric Harbin: Ha. Beat me to it

Blodwyn Llywelyn: Craig Parkes: I have the poster in jpg and laurel in png and I dont know much about layers.Oscar Gonzalez: I dont know the difference

Craig Parkes: Well most software that supports picture editing, allows for creating layers so you can composite multiple things together and keep working with them until you are happy to export the final licture. Its the most fundamental basic of digital image edit…See more

Eric Harbin: I believe it’s called a festival yanni

Blodwyn Llywelyn: I have festival laurel in png

Jim Perry: Depends on how many Laurels…..

Charlie Prince: Get the png. Stick it into photoshop. Magic wand the background away. Import your film poster. Add the laurel to it. Open up blending options on the laurel. Toggle the opacity. Done.

Aidan Soguero: Idk I hear yanny