Question for you all. Involved with a shoot where they filmed at 60fps…

Question for you all. Involved with a shoot where they filmed at 60fps, 40fps, and 23.976fps. What is the best way to bring it into an Avid, with delivery at 23.98? Also, am I looking at a headache because of the frame rates?

Adrian Smith: Yikes.

Drew Friedman: Ok. So Im not crazy that this is a problem?

Matt Latham: Are you sure that the higher frame rates arent intended to be slo mo?

Drew Friedman: They are, but Im concerned about the mix of frame rates. Is that an issue for the Avid? Theres going to be render times added throughout, right?

Jimmy Browning: If they are intended to be slo mo, one way to deal with it is to use Cinema Tools if you have access to it. It takes about 5 seconds to conform those other framerates to 23.98 slo mo. DO THIS ON A COPY of the files as it will change the metadata of the file you point to, not spit out another file. You can then use those as your new masters and they can be brought into avid as slomo 23.98 clips.

Drew Friedman: Jimmy Browning thanks. Good to know.

Shane Ross: 60fps…fine. 40?

Drew Friedman: Yes. I wasnt involved when that decision was made. The DP says he shoots it all the time. Ive never seen it.

Shane Ross: for what reason? What does shooting that frame rate achieve. You can throw sticks at a wall….and do it all the time, but what does it get you?

Drew Friedman: I wish I had an answer for you. The guy was very frustrating.

Ryan Philander: I imaging to look somewhere in between. Theres not just slo mo and not slo mo there also stuff shot at 1000fps

Kai Yu: If there is a chance that you will be using some of it slow mo, bring it all in at 23.98 (every frame). When transcoding in resolve youll need to set the clip frame rate to 23.98, or else it wont play back as slow mo. The exception is cameras like the Alexa that allow the DP to set a project frame rate that adds the proper frame rate tag while shooting. Then I basically prep everything as slow mo. Then I also apply a speed effect to all of the clips to make them realtime (dont render them), and prep everything as realtime. Avid can handle mixed frame rates, but it youll have to deal with the frameflex effect on all the clips. Make sure you test everything first.

Mateusz Milosinski: Drew, I would bring everything in 1:1 (frame for frame) and deal with speed later on the timeline. This way youll save yourself conversion headaches and the online will be straight forward:)

Drew Friedman: I think there are going to be headaches not matter what. 🙂

Jonathan Moshman: Make copy and conform copied clips in cinema tools before you import. Conform to 23.98

Jon Belew: Does it have to be Avid? FCP X I know handles this very well.

John Jenkins: This doesnt sound like an issue at all for Premiere. Import. Interpret as 23.98 and edit away. Sounds like theres gonna be a lot of slow stuff.

Drew Friedman: I know, but this place doesnt have premiere.

Shane Ross: Easy in Avid too. AMA link, apply speed effect, adjust to 100%. It would be good if you could transcode the footage, but the 40 frames per second footage want transcode. There is no codec that is 40 FPS in avid.

Jason Bryan: Make an import project for each frame rate. Bring them all in at whatever project and resolution you want. Then copy and organize all the bins into the 23.98 project. Now if you want to group footage that exists at different frame rates, youll have to conform everything to the same one. But I do know some tricks if for some reason you cant.

Joseph Bridgers: Confirm what Jason and Kai have said. But clarify: bring in means AMA link. When fussing with frame rates start with frame flex tools. If you like the answers found there then youre done. If you need to delve further then promote the speed effect to expose all of the drop-down choices associated with the effect. Mix and match those choices till you get what you want. Failing all that then pursue the cinema tools suggestions OR If you must actually import then try using the console command to IgnoreQt rate ( web search it if you havent used it before ). Test both states ( true or false ) to see if that works. Many choices. Generally going down to 23.98 has no good answers ( except for slow mo 🙂 )Btw finishing in resolve handles AAF from resolve back to avid extremely well. Preserves original frame rates. Adds only speed tool tags back and forth. So try not to hard import unless truly unavoidable. Good luck.