Philosophical question – What is the essence of bodybuilding? Assuming…

Philosophical question – What is the essence of bodybuilding? Assuming one already has a balanced diet and is active, is it just eating more and exercising more? And what are we aiming for with our increased strength and muscle mass?

Pete Ryan: I dont think it is the attainment of size and strength for many people. I think it is more in line with the old time Physical Culture ideals of trying to perfect both the body and the mind, so we have the best chance of attaining our goals and helping others attain theirs.Learning the discipline involved will become a great asset in any field and being physically fit will usually mean you are less sick, and are physically more able to get long, tough jobs done.I look back to the Greeks who worked at developing both the mind and the body. Those, and the late 19th/early 20th Century Physical Culture community are both good examples of how we should consider our physical goals.Thats just my opinion, obviously it is totally subjective.

Kesley Cage: Yes, interesting views. I can see how bodybuilding could almost become a spiritual practice.