Im sorry in advance knowing this question has been asked a million tim…

Im sorry in advance knowing this question has been asked a million times before. I cant get the search function to work for whatever reason…stupid Facebook app. Im struggling to lose any more fat. My nutrition also hasnt been perfect Im sure. What helps you cut? Rules of thumb youd like to share? Example: 2 cups green vegetables at every meal, have a green smoothie for breakfast, etc. I also wanted to ask if youve noticed fat retention by not eating enough calories? Is this a real thing youve experienced? Ive fallen into the habit of (probably) not eating enough calories. Also if I were to implement an extra 2-3 hours of cardio a week, what would be best? Jogging, sprinting, etc? Thank you very much.

Rachel C. Baxter: Yes not eating enough plays a huge role, especially if youre trying to build muscle. Everyone has their own opinions on diets so youll probably get tons of clashing views. There is no rule of thumb. When it comes to cardio, if youre looking to burn the most calories, think about your heart rate. Sprint intervals are my favorite. I like to do them on the elliptical too. Sometimes I do 15 min of sprint intervals (30 seconds max sprint and then drop down for 30) in 5 min increments throughout my lifting workout. That way your heart rate is high for the entire workout, not just 15 minutes.

Ashley Furman: Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it. 🙂

David Bosley: If you want to lose fat rather than muscle reduce your calories deficit, say max 300 per day. Focus on high protein and low sugar, plenty of good fats.

Ashley Furman: Hey thanks! I think the goal is gradual fat loss as I maintain the muscle I have. Ill try more protein and less sugars, and put extra cashews and things in my dishes. Thank you. 🙂

Christopher Franklin: Check out carb cycling. To me this makes the most sense for gradual sustainable fat loss while still being able to put on muscle at the same time. Example: Mon:Legs/High Carb…See more

Christopher Franklin: It depends on on your goals but I find this to be the easiest most sustainable method for me. The Low Carb days arent so bad when you know its not too long before you cram down some sweet potatoes and have awesome heavy Carb fuelled workouts.

David Bosley: As above, do HIIT rather than too much cardio, unless youre cycling or running. If cycling or running do it outdoors if possible for additional health benefits. I dont recommend steady state cardio in the gym.

Joe Liberatore: “Short time” fasting 5pm dinner 9am breakfast or any 14 to 16 hour timeframe

Richard Young: Assuming it is fat and not salt oedema, its possible that your body is using the fat to deposit environmental pollutants like mercury, PCB, benzene and dioxin. Forcing the body to choose between liver toxicity and starvation is a bit extreme and it may be easier to address the toxicity first. Daily broccoli sprout miso (made with 40g of sprouts that are brewed for 10 minutes in water which is five minutes off the boil) should do the trick.

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Pete Ryan: Not snacking helps, drinking calorie free beverages helps (herbal tea or black coffee for example), using the vegan plate method developed by Pat Reeves where half the plate is vegetables (green leafy preferably) a quarter is a protein source and a quarter is a carb source. You can get a few more from popping over to and downloading the beginners guide we have (it is by donation, so feel free just to grab it if you are short of funds).One thing is I would try to eat whole food and not smoothies as they go through you and you get hungry faster, and dont eat too many refined foods. I hope that helps?

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