Hey guys quick product question! Am currently looking at introducing a…

Hey guys quick product question! Am currently looking at introducing a Pea Protein Powder, with an 80% protein content, but not sure which flavour! Better to leave natural or do you have preferred flavour?

John Machin: Thats good news, Simon. 95% of our clients prefer flavoured protein powders. Its rare were asked for unflavoured. Even those who disapprove of sweeteners are happy with natural flavouring. Incidentally, have you got any of the pre-workouts we discussed left?

Simon Bandy: Sorry John, you might have to jog my memory there!

John Machin: Ill message you.

Pete Ryan: I personally like unflavoured, but I know Im in the minority about that. Id say chocolate, strawberry or banana are probably the most common. If youre thinking of sweetener I think stevia is the one most people prefer at the moment. ….& we all want info about any pre-workout stuff youre secretly supply John with 😉

John Machin: In my experience, chocolate flavour always sells out first, closely followed by strawberry. Then its usually vanilla – I think because a lot of our people use vanilla protein powder with their morning porridge.If youre looking for something outré, Simon, the US company Dymatize offer the following, er … “flavours” in their protein-powder range …!• Chocolate & Peanut Butter• Swiss Chocolate• Strawberries & Cream• French Vanilla• Gourmet Vanilla• Cookies & Cream• Rich Chocolate• Chocolate Mint• Chocolate Fudge• Butter Cream Toffee Mix• Berry Blast• Café Mocha• Orange Dreamsicle• Pina Colada!

Richard Pendarvis: I like chocolate in Plant Fusion brand which is a blended plant protein containing pea protein and others.