Iron question: my sisters body doesnt intake iron for some reason. She…

Iron question: my sisters body doesnt intake iron for some reason. She eats dobble up in iron pills and lots of greens but her body is blocking it which results in low blood procent and lots of tiredness. Any advice? ?? The doctors are now talking about giving her iron through a iv.

Jana Sadyk: Giving her iron through a iv.

Pete Ryan: As Jana Sadyk said. I dont know the exact details, but if the body is blocking iron assimilation then for now iv would seem the safest option. Over time she may discover if there is a cause that can be fixed or if it is something she is just going to have to live with?

Louise Kastling Knudsen: Marlene Gilling check out this page also for help to understand more about proteins for non meat eaters. Thanks guys for the answer maybe thats the only way then

Louise Kastling Knudsen: Her doctors doesnt know anything else about it. Jannie Nørregaard Mortensen take a look at Natascha Kxha response. The doctors have continues for a year telling her the reason is because she is bleeding a lot when she have her period but now that she is pregnant and therefore not bleeding anymore is hasnt helped. Rather the opposite.

Pete Ryan: Being pregnant isnt really a time to experiment. I would suggest she finds someone in the nutrition field she trusts & work through the issue. Assimilation issues can be caused by a wide range of issues. To discover the cause most clinicians would go through carious allergy tests first (as allergies can cause intestinal issues), then dietary modifications (these are educated guesswork, you try something & monitor iron levels). You can even find related deficiencies are causing the low iron. It is usually not a short term project discovering problems like these.She can get blood work done right now, she can get allergy stuff done now, but most clinicians would be wary of limiting a diet during pregnancy or early lactation.I would suggest she just eat a varied diet with plenty of druit & vegetable, have the iv as necessary. Once the birth is safely over & she is recovered, then I would suggest she seek help.

Louise Kastling Knudsen: Great advice Pete thanks