Hey guys. This question might be a little bit off topic, if it is then…

Hey guys. This question might be a little bit off topic, if it is then I apologize, but I cant imagine any other group where people would know such detailed nutrition information. Ok, so here goes. I have been reading a few books on introversion/extroversion paradigms. One of them mentions a few ways introverts like me might be able to regulate their energy better. The ways mentioned is by increasing Acetylcholine, Seretonin and Dopamine. She goes on to say that all can be increased by the food we eat, however the foods are unfortunately almost only animal-based. Anyone knows anything about this in relation to plant-based diets?

Simon Bandy: I would recommend the use of 5-HTP!

John Machin: The amino-acid tryptophan is converted to serotonin, Johan. So, yes, taking 5-HTP (a form of tryptophan) may help increase serotonin. Eating foods high in tryptophan may also do the trick. The link below shows foods high in tryptophan – many of them vegan.Eating simple carbohydrates – as found in fruit – have a similar effect. (Petell surely have masses of info on dopamine and acetylcholine!) Nutritiondata.self.com

Johan Agstam: Thanks SImon and John 🙂

Simon Bandy: Again Choline di Hydrogen Citrate and Inositol helpful in the natural production of acetylcholine, as well as Lecithin!

John Machin: As Aurelius says, UVB on the skin – especially the genitals! – has been shown to cause a 160%-400% rise in free testosterone levels. (See previous post on this.) But doesnt the positive effect on feel-good hormones depend on sunlight entering the eyes and thus the brain centres? – Not really appropriate on a sunbed.

John Machin: Interesting piece on mood-improvement caused by sunlight entering the eye …(from: Transparentcorp.com )“Ptolemy noted that when looking at the sun through the spokes of a spinning wheel, a feeling of euphoria would take over. Shamans would have their subjects walk single-file past a fire, obscuring the light in a rhythmic fashion. In WWII, many people noticed that those who monitored the radar frequently entered altered mental states because of the rhythmic pulses of light coming from the screen.“Mind Stereo allows you to use your computer screen as a powerful brainwave entrainment device. Visual plug-ins in MS are embedded with flashes of light, precisely timed according to the target brainwave. You will quickly find your mental state changing after only minutes of using this technology.“Mind Stereo supports a popular visual plug-in format, giving you access to a large number of user-created plugins, many of which are mesmerizing and hypnotic even without brainwave stimulation!Use with Eyes Open!Most devices that use light to entrain the brain require that the user close his or her eyes, relying on the thinness of the eyelids to let sufficient light in to entrain the brain, without suffering the irritation of flashing light. However, Mind Stereo is different. We have designed the photic stimulation capabilities to be easy on the eyes, and comfortable to experience fully with eyes open. You can even use this with relaxation sessions. If you start to feel tired, allow your eyes to close naturally. The audio component of the BWE session will then take over and relax you even further.”

John Machin: This is how VISUAL exposure to sunlight enhances feel-good hormones in the brain …[Excerpt from: Philmaffetone.com ]“In addition to the healthy affect on your skin, sunlight also provides another positive benefit. The human eye contains photosensitive cells in its retina, with connections directly to the pituitary gland in the brain. Stimulation of these important cells comes from sunlight, in particular, the blue unseen spectrum. A study by Dr.s Turner and Mainster of the University of Kansas School of Medicine, published in the British Journal of Opthamology in 2008 states that –“<>“Photosensitive cells in the eye also directly affect the brains hypothalamus region, which controls our biological clock. This influences our circadian rhythm, not just important for jet-lag but for normal sleep patterns, hormone regulation, increased reaction time, and behaviour. Most cells in the body have an important cyclic pattern when working optimally, so potentially, just about any area of the body can falter without adequate sun stimulation through the eyes. “Turner and Mainster state that, “ensuing circadian disturbances can have significant physiological and psychological consequences.” This also includes “increasing risk of disease” and, as numerous other studies show, increased risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.The hypothalamus, stimulated by sunlight through the eyes, also regulates the combined actions of the nervous and hormonal systems.”