Opinions on Hotcopper – I used to think it was alright a few years ago…

Opinions on Hotcopper – I used to think it was alright a few years ago, but I am starting to get the feeling it is changing drastically. The discussions seem rather one-sided and incredibly prone to shit-slinging and ramping (up/down). I think it is due to anonymity. What do you guys think? Do you even use Hotcopper? Is it a waste of time?

Amir Potter: Agree. Noticeable difference over the past 12-24 months. I blame crypto and the influx of technical traders.

Maryam Park: Try shareshack

Theodore Sutton: I might give that a go, thanks for the tip

Miguel Rodriguez: Depends on which stock and which thread. Some threads involve rep from the company and they are really good, some are good only for a laugh.

Hunter Burgess: Every person is pumping the fuck up companies they have money in. thats it

Gia Russell: Isnt that every person ever in the ASX in every group including this one?

Theodore Sutton: Gia Russell: I think the lack of anonymity makes it harder perhaps?

Gia Russell: But we all gotta pump up the stocks were in…. very rare that someone will down ramp their own shares

Theodore Sutton: Gia Russell: haha.. good point – personally I am a bit more detached from my stocks and not emotionally vested at all. Hence I try to look at cold hard factual evidence from credible sources to substantiate arguments for and against

Emilia Ross: LPD is a good one , D/H usually get sorted out quickly . QBL is a shit house , even with a mod .

Jayda Richards: Jonathan Younger

Heaven Hicks: Im more on Twitter than HC. At the end of the day youre responsible for where you put your money.

Theodore Sutton: I agree, a few years ago I found it to be incredibly useful for bouncing ideas (and back then, actually getting good feedback). But, I have found that it is filled with a lot of noise nowadays

Heaven Hicks: 100%! People think they know more than everybody else. There are a few decent people on HC though.

Theodore Sutton: Heaven Hicks: Youre right, and that is mostly why Ive stuck around I think. I have just hit that point where I am wondering if the rest of the rubbish is worth wading through to get there

Heaven Hicks: Victor Vergim Feizulovski Personally its very factual driven. Theres a lot of TA/FA traders with good knowledge. And they back their thoughts with proof not just blatant dribble. Of course there are groups of people who team up to pump a stock so you still have to be wary.

Eloise Mendoza: way too much dribble on it now…. eg my Woolies has 10 cans of A2 milk tonight or some muppet who lives in Phuket constantly boasting about how great he is with the rise in CLA. No one from HC is keeping it on topic anymore.

Lukas Morton: Disagree on PG. I read wht he posted in the early days, did MYOR and bought. Would like to thank him for my recent bag on CLA. But then, you may be right hes a just a muppet (probably rich one) living the life.

Eloise Mendoza: Yes I made money on this stock also and will continue to trade/accumulate, my point is now that it is on the move isnt it time to get back to discussing the stock fundamentals /charts. – if he wants to buy his mates a beer etc. take it off HC.

Lukas Morton: Eloise Mendoza: on HC it depends on the OP ( original post ) and topic.. eg charts etc. So I cannot comment. A number of tickers do a have a general discussion topic too.

Alice Meyer: Looking past his boasting I do think the Phuket guy gave me some valuable input on CLA

Alex Jensen: Ive seen day trading tips that have been entirely inaccurate with 0% success, thats why you have to do your own research I guess

Theodore Sutton: Yes, absolutely always do your own research – but sometimes I find it can be good to discuss investment moves before you commit. Good to give someone a chance to give the opposing argument. Especially if you do this for a living and on your own

Alex Jensen: Theodore Sutton: Absolutely, it just seems as though the forums are quite one-ended and the depth in discussion isnt there. Particularly, points are made and the chance is there to give an opposing argument but Ive found often times the opposing arguments just arent present.

Theodore Sutton: Alex Jensen: I agree, lacking in either credibility or substance, or both

Madelyn Joseph: I have a look at it occasionally. Can definitely have some useful info and insight, can also be rubbish as well. Depends as others have said, on which stock and which thread

Galilea Goodman: Pretty sure its always been this way.

Theodore Sutton: You may be right, perhaps were just a bit more educated these days

Galilea Goodman: Seems to depend on the stock. Anything thats been in the paper is a no go zone 😂

Nash Robinson: I am on HC, Twitter and here… 😉 Some forums are really OK there with very good research information… But you have to be very careful… Thats what I learned…

Theodore Sutton: It goes down the drain hole rather quickly sometimes. The research like you said, can be really great – as can the TA (there are some seriously talented TA individuals there), its all part of the reason why I am so torn

Kyleigh Fowler: Where do u look on twitter

Nash Robinson: I have my own account… And share or retweet what I think is good information… Dont want to advertise it here… 😉

Nash Robinson: You can search there with the $ sign… I.e. $ABC… Than you get a lot of information about this stock…

Nash Robinson: Sometimes you can interact with CEOs that have an account directly… And they might give you an answer (of course not price sensitive answer) 😃 You can mark them like on HC with @… I only speak from my own experience…

Nash Robinson: You follow the accounts you trust… You can also set an alarm on specific persons you want to read the Tweets immediately…

Juliet Silva: I go on HC for a laugh during my lunch breaks 😂😂😂

Jayla Brown: Hc is just another tool. But I def wouldnt write it off? At all actually.

Theodore Sutton: I guess Im just at that point when you have waded through so much shit and got nowhere that all youve got left in you is beer oclock and some Penny stock Investors group banter 😂

Knox Lynch: It is the same as any forum/research. There are dickheads on there but there are some incredibly well researched people. The same as this forum! I mean how sick are you of seeing 🚀! Or the question “whats going for a run today?”. The only way to filter the good from the bad is to spend time on there, follow who is good and ignore nuffies.

Theodore Sutton: Oh I have spent plenty of time on HC and I agree, there is quality content – I just get a feeling that it is substantially harder to filter out the ever increasing swamp of absolute rubbish

Knox Lynch: Theodore Sutton: I used to not use the ignore function. Since I started to it does reduce the amount of crap. Especially those who post nonstop

Theodore Sutton: Cheers Phil might give it a whirl to see if I can thin drain some of the nonsense out

Skye Bradley: What irks me is when people post price estimates or expected price direction with absolutely no basis for the estimate.

Gia Russell: But mate it will be triple the price by end of the week! DYOR.

Peyton Holland: learn some skills like FA or TA or interpreting drill results or understanding the latest trends and post your thoughts on any forum – be it HC or here on FB and learn from people who are better than you in any form and if you are in a position to help others do that. This is the essence of ALL forums and small shareholders need to form a group to protect themselves and educate themselves against the big market forces. I would not discount HC at all – it is a SUPERB tool to ADD to your research – there are literally hundreds of great posters there and I have learnt a lot from them and I try and post things that I know a bit and keep the community going.

Skye Bradley: Except for some people the only form of interaction they can manage is to like a post. How about contributing to discussion, asking questions. The discussion would be much better if people put time into sharing their thoughts. In some cases Ive taken research to greater depth just because of a simple comment someone has contributed.

Peyton Holland: Skye Bradley: it all starts with giving a like. Everyone starts somewhere and then if they are diligent enough you can learn from posters vastly superior in knowledge from you and then one day you can start posting your thoughts and spread the education – a lot of give and take makes a great forum – the taught becomes the tutor one day 🙂

Cristian Dixon: Venture into the brainfart that is the politics section of the forum, where quite a few of the resident tipsters dwell….then youll start to rethink the issue of poster credibility altogether 😂

Luke Garza: Just like this page

Luke Garza: Yeh but both still suck… 1% is good

Jaiden Barnett: HC = 💩

Kehlani West: I use it for info, all forums are the same though, just pick who you want to listen to and ignore the rest. Ive found some good stocks and info from HC more so than from here. I like FA so its a good place to go especially when stocks are under the radar as people with knowledge are usually on them early. Its when every man and his dog is in there and rubbish starts to get posted its a good indicator to get out…

Ivanna Garner: Its definitely changed since being listed. Mods seem to go really soft on down rampers obviously to ignite passion and debate. I would say there are far more down rampers….obviously to ignite debate and therefore more posts and therefore more clicks/profit. Gone downhill no doubt.

Cristian Dixon: Really?? Id say its the complete opposite – anyone with half a valid argument gets shut down by the gang mentality. Its sickening. Mods should be far more heavy on the blatant ramping that goes on across the board. Even with stocks I hold and have a buy sentiment for…I shake my head reading some of the crap that holders say at the slightest negative thrown at a company with a vested interest in

Lola Alvarez: looked at it in 2004, it was full of crap then, never looked since

Theodore Sutton: Do you use any other forum? I obviously know you are using fb, but any other recommendations you could give?

Lola Alvarez: Theodore Sutton: We have our own facebook page however I dont think you are going to find any great holy grail in any newsletter, newspaper, tip sheet, forum or anything else. This penny page mentions every penny stock that is on the move and a truckload of stocks that are not moving. You have to sift through those stock codes and make a decision.😊

Theodore Sutton: I dont necessarily feel that I need help in identifying good candidates, I think my instruments for that are pretty well set up. Sure every once in a while we may catch on to something that has somehow flown under the radar, but mostly I go by my own …See more

Lola Alvarez: Theodore Sutton: , if you have an open forum/facebook you will always get those that are after a free ride, newbies etc. However we all started somewhere so we need to cater for those less savvy that us. I share your frustration with bloody rockets and stupid comments but, thats life. I am now going to post a new thread ask ask for intelligent comment and see where we end up.! Ill start the conversation with Gold.

Leslie Blake: Few good posters still. Personal favourite was 8horse. Never actually seen him be wrong

Brian Sparks: Do your own research and youll find forums and sm platforms good. If you dont do your own research, then youll just be reading shit comments and itll affect your mentality.

Brian Sparks: Also, weed out idiots and put them on ignore and youll find a lot less to siphon through.

Theodore Sutton: I always do my own research, but as was mentioned earlier – if you post anything with hopes of getting some sort of constructive discussion going, brace yourself. The shit that comes back if and when you go against the grain is unreal. The labels come out and demeaning horse shit comments completely lacking in substance are thrown around in order to ridicule your point

Skye Bradley: Have met a few like-minded investors from HC. Try and network with people outside of social media.

Jameson Hayes: Mate – most people here are long over HC – I used to use it but go back there maybe a couple of times a month to check concensus – its an uncivilised overmoderated joke thesedays imo.

Theodore Sutton: It is certainly not the place for constructive discussions, that much is clear. I do appreciate the people on there that actually bring something valid to the table, but they are getting far and few between

Skye Bradley: Its good before the herds jump in. Particularly when stocks are < MCAP $30M. Trouble comes and goes with the ebb and flow of volume.I also wonder about sophisticated investors using professional brokers and their associated antics in price manipulation for cap raises.
Jaxon Roberson: If youre reading HC, youre doing your research wrong…

Theodore Sutton: Not sure where it was implied that my research was made off HC… it was in reference to ongoing discussion and exchange of ideas. Has nothing to do with where I get my TA or FA analysis

Luke Garza: Think hes just making a general statement

Jaxon Roberson: yeah wasnt in relation to your comment, sorry I should of made it clearer.

Theodore Sutton: All good mate – Does anyone actually get their research purely from HC? Is anyone actually that stupid? If so, that is absolutely terrifying

Rylan Robertson: Haha so true. I just ripped into some people on the TAW thread for being tin foil hat morons coming up with conspiracy theories

Jaiden Barnett: Wasted energy mate. Better spent researching and looking at charts.

Rylan Robertson: Agreed. Was last straw for me with hotcopper.

Jaxson Richards: Scott Sharpe

Nash Robinson: It always depends on the forum and on the people there… You cannot say that everything is crap there… I really spend much time to share my research results there (also here of course 😉 ) and there are some people who appreciate that as I appreciate their results… I am also no expert but I always try it with facts, honesty and the respect of other opinions… 😉

Kevin Nunez: I still like to read the threads and try and filter through whats useful and whats not.

Lola Alvarez: just look at the code, then look at a chart, that will help you disregard all the bovine craptology