Hey guys, three questions. 1. What does it mean when this trading is h…

Hey guys, three questions. 1. What does it mean when this trading is happening? 2. Is it generally a good or bad sign? And 3. Do you believe this stock is at good value? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Isabel Mitchell: Bot trading

Isabel Mitchell: Just have to work out if it is buying or selling

Sarah Briggs: Bots selling or buying tiny parcels that add up to a decent size by the end of it, they dont have to pay 20bux a trade like us plebs.

Rose Duncan: Bots – dont let them scare you

Riley Pena: Bots are used to hold a price up or down in 4CEs case its trying to hold it down you can see it dragging it down every time it gets the chance its mostly used by whales that either want to accumulate at lower prices or sell at higher prices in regards of 4CE great fundamentals cheap SP personally its my largest holding

Raelyn Evans: So hows it doing that with the small volume high trades?

Riley Pena: Raelyn Evans: there not exactly high trades for example if you watched the depth of it today the SP was at 8.5 although the buy side was down at 8.3 so the bot will sell a tiny portion of there stock down into 8.3 to bring the sp down and that most of the time works into tricking weak hands to put in there sell order at 8.3 to fill the persons position on the buy side

Sarah Briggs: Good thing about 4ce is the decent spread, Ive been buying at 8.2 and then the next sell up is at 8.5ish.

Alina Soto: Good old bots lol.

Emersyn Watkins: Can someone explain how the bots work? Price manipulation Im guessing?

Matteo Parks: These are programs or algorithms set by instos. These can trigger conditional buy and sell orders that can benefit their trade. As well as confuse investors with the amount of buy/sell depth. They are in short a form of price manipulation

Janelle Garza: 4CE will be producing lithium before mid 2020Still currently a spec, but hard to believe they dont have a viable resource consider historical data in the area an especially with AVZ next doorLook at the market cap of some other Lithium miners -PLS-ORE-GXY-TAW-AJMDo the math with 4CEI have put my money where my mouth is….Guarantee 4CE will out perform everyone else

Alina Soto: Lol, u may as well put a whole lot of rockets to with this post lokl

Lauryn Scott: Agreed.5-10bags EASY FROM CURRENT PRICE. Before end of the year.

Alina Soto::


Mira Keller: Is that a pumping Pope?!?

Alina Soto: Martin Fisher yep. Cpuldnt find Lauryn Scott: with a pump so i went for the 1st GIF i could find haha

Alina Soto: But in all seriousness I like the company (4ce), however, I feel its to early for guarentees/10 bagger EASY posts just yet.

Lauryn Scott: $100k all in on this bitch. Its going to fly. Mark my words. Not financial advice

Alina Soto: Lauryn Scott: i love ur enthusiasm mate and i know u have done ur research. im just concern for others reading ur posts and getting the FOMO emotions without doing their own research. Good luck with 4ce

Mira Keller: Everything in moderation Steven. Lots of us here are invested in DRC lithium and its always good to let people know youre holding inbetween the rockets. 👍

Thiago Dunn: Big call on them producing mate..

Janelle Garza: As I said still currently a spec “mate”

Thiago Dunn: Your first sentence says will be producing. Very optimistic for a spec.

Janelle Garza: Guess we will have to wait and see… were ever you see TIN there is Lithium

Kaydence Vargas: Taw already producing 🙂

Aisha Payne: Kirsty

Paige Berry: Love ya Haz

Sean Long: Look who we have here!

Mira Keller: Frank?