Any thoughts regarding NUH ?

Any thoughts regarding NUH ?

Matthew Lambert: Does anyone have any of there products? Are they any good?

Maci Freeman: Get Boost in about 1.5 weeks. Agree with below comments. About to fly!

Genesis Christensen: Hoping to buy some Lives or IQs end of year with some of the profits. Hopefully its well above 20-30c by then. But it is still a penny stock, still has risk, but each week that risk seems to be getting smaller with the updates the company is releasing 🙂

Maci Freeman: If it isnt at a $200-$250m MC this year with the progress so far, Ill be wondering what went wrong. Management have done an exceptional effort with the $20m that has been raised thus far!Would not been surprised to see a price sensitive announcemen…See more

Genesis Christensen: Its the only stock you should have in ya portfolio… well it should be in there, with other good stocks… I hold, should be a big year a head, its only just starting to generate momentum, Boosts will be shipping in a few weeks, could either be in for another bull run if the news is good, if not, might dip back under 10c???

Maci Freeman: Still a carries a lot of risk, hence why it still attracts a large retail holding. As it de-risks with continual progress we will see the price climb a lot higher and faster. Upside potential is still huge IMO. MC sits at less than $90m for a company t…See more

Genesis Christensen: yeah I am all about the high risk haha. Like my entire portfolio is pennys. Its only money, it comes, it goes. But I am pretty happy with the stocks I do hold to not loose too much sleep at night…

Maci Freeman: I personally try to find companies that I believe are undervalued. NUH easily fits that category.

Alanna Clayton: I think GMV another hidden gem which is waiting for CFDA approval, Its MD has bought $1 million worth of stocks off the market, Hoping There is good news is going to come in next couple of weeks

Joseph Strickland: Yes very good. Yes unique technology. Yes approved by Australian government … look out for this one

Alayna Martin: No, only NHL

Alayna Martin: Its about to fly

Londyn Barnes: Foolish move by me, but i have sold all my other stocks, I now only own NUH, unreal company and management, 2018 & 2019 are going to be massive for this company, i own a pair of IQbuds so at least i know what im invested in.

Maci Freeman: I only hold NUH and GXY at the moment. Been thinking of letting GXY go though. I am starting to personally get a strange sense from the market.

Genesis Christensen: Nice, lets hope for a great 12-18 months. The SP is so hard to pick for this stock, there is so much potential in an untapped market… It could be 30c, it could be $1 plus. Sitting tight on my holdings 🙂

Alanna Clayton: i thinks its going to fly next week. shorters were trying hard to push it below .097 and it eventually it came back up, there is very strong support on Hotcopper, I am going to have LT on this

Maci Freeman: Alanna Clayton: There is strong support for it but you have to dissect what you read on a public forum. Ive seen plenty of stocks on HC where stocks were being ramped up and down. Ill personally be very surprised if we dont see it touch 15 cents this month at least and find a solid base at 12.5-13.5.

Genesis Christensen: Maci Freeman: that tree shake Friday, picked up some more at .098c, hopefully that was the end of it looking for support. If it is back under 10c, def keen to buy more haha.

Maci Freeman: Anything 10 and under is a good position to top up IMO.

Maci Freeman: Genesis Christensen: when there is a price suppression like that, it usually indicates that we could be moving north shortly. April has the potential to be Nuhearas breakout month and finally surpass the $100m MC.

Genesis Christensen: Yeah hoping it was the big boys playing games to pick up cheap shares. There was a big fake sell order floating all over the place last week.

Chloe Chavez: are you happy with iqBuds? how is the recharging / batteries?

Delaney Mitchell: I think you could make some money if you buy at the right time and sell at the right time. Thats my thoughts anyway

Genesis Christensen: You holding atm??

Delaney Mitchell: Nope. But I know a guy who tipped this stock when it was less then 4c and he was ostricised on this page. Who had the last laugh you reckon?

Maci Freeman: Delaney Mitchell: TBH heading down a similar path as Beats by Dre. Growth so far has been exceptional. $4.5m in a relatively new market in their first full year. Party isnt over, its just starting. Wouldnt be surprised if we see it 5x from the current SP in the next 12-18 months.

Genesis Christensen: Delaney Mitchell: hope he is still holding 🙂

Delaney Mitchell: Genesis Christensen: hope so 👍

Genesis Christensen: I am more a FA investor, do look at the chart prior to buying tho. Its a long term hold for me.

Delaney Mitchell: Ignore my other post – I thought this was the SAS chat for a moment and I freakn hate those clueless bas****s

Genesis Christensen: hahaha I will back you on the SAS chart tho… that thing is terrible… Under 10c I might look at a small parcel, but its not on my list of hot stocks atm ahah

Delaney Mitchell: Exactly – it sucks. I want the same as you and everyone else – financial freedom. SAS isnt going to help with that right now

Knox Chambers: Have been holding since mid 2016 got in at a great price and happy holding! Have already 1 bag..

Skyla Martin: Just waiting for stock to start being sold, and should be a good investment in the longer term. I would not pay any attention to how it is trading at the moment.

Skyla Martin: ..I only wish I had more money I could invest in it.

Jake Ward: Wow thats some belief in the company. Where is the next support your reckon?

Maci Freeman: Jake Ward: will bounce back in the next day or two IMO

Jake Ward: Maci Freeman: fear of CR and low sales volume causing drop me thinks.

Skyla Martin: Im a long term holder. At least 5 years.

Jake Ward: Skyla Martin: with pennies we not even sure if they gonna be there after 1 year.

Skyla Martin: Nuheara are now part of the HSP, which means that audiologists or audiometrists will be able to recommend or prescribe these devices on behalf of NUH. I doubt very much that this company will fold in a year.

Jake Ward: Skyla Martin: good to hear. I have nothing against 5 long term hold but with pennies in general ive seen the longer I hold the more profit I throw away.

Skyla Martin: Ive held senates and ripe for a long time now. Slowly growing in value over the longer term.

Skyla Martin: I honestly feel that this company wont be a penny stock forever. I guess we will all wait and see what happens – but I feel strongly that they have cornered a specific market, which appeals to a range of people, for a variety of reasons. They could very well be the next Beats by Dre for all we know.

Jake Ward: Skyla Martin: Ill gift you one pair of IQ buds if that happen Haha … yups lots of people are very optimistic on this one. If its so great then the only thing which explains todays and Friday selloff is pro tree shake.

Skyla Martin: I agree. I lost a lot of money today on NUH, however, if it gets lower, I will just find a way to buy more and lower my average. A drop that big on no news makes no sense other than people wanting to re-enter

Maci Freeman: Skyla Martin: wont be the next Beats. Beats hit phenomenal and exponential growth very early on. Cant see it happening with Nuheara at all. Our addressable market is completely different and IMO much harder to target than a general consumer produc…See more

Maci Freeman: Jake Ward: it is a shake IMO. There were a lot of buyer that got in once the announcement came out for the HSP. It flew a lot higher than it should have looking back. So with a number of new buyers with a high buy average, it becomes easy to flush out retail investors or short sighted investors when the SP drops 30% + from their buy-in.

Jake Ward: Hope so mate … tomorrow will be revealing.

Maci Freeman: Jake Ward: I would say that the Webinar was probably also a let down which contributed to the sell-off by some holders. I personally was expecting more to come out of it and for a longer Q&A.

Ashton Crawford: Every single time this keeps getting hammered.

Elijah Mcdonald: Dum fucks paid up to 105 on friday which i sold, now they wanna sell it for .9cents ?

Alivia Zimmerman: Is there anyone not bullish on NUH?

Maci Freeman: Whats your sentiment?

Alivia Zimmerman: just wondering, every instrument you buy comes with ear buds, ok, these must have great sound and wireless, but 2 or 3 hundred dollars, wow. Personally I hate things in my ears, love the big wrap around ones that cover my ears, so I guess, not being in the market, I wonder what all the fuss is about. I love music but maybe Im too old an mean to pay that sort of money. Then they will face opposition one day.

Maci Freeman: Frank Watkins Beats by Dre created a multi million dollar market in a market that was saturated with plastic, $1 ear buds. Nuheara is not a typical consumer product like your Boses, Beats and the like. IQBuds and Boost will offer consumers with mild …See more

Knox Chambers: Frank Watkins I think everyones gotta stop looking at these like they just play music..the government has registered them to hearing service program, so they are optimistic on what they can do..need to look at them as if they are a hearing aid that can do other great things like listen to music and take phone calls.. thats just my view and I think something like that can make a lot of money..

Alivia Zimmerman: Knox Chambers: thats fair comment, but I love contrary opinion! and my views wont stop me buying if I get the right buy signal

Alivia Zimmerman: Maci Freeman: , Jeeeez, so many fundamentals

Alivia Zimmerman: For instance, Im bearish gold, but that hasnt stopped me owning, BLK, PNR etc

Nolan Lewis: Frank Watkins Ill stick to my $13 eBay skull candy ear phones personally 👍

Alivia Zimmerman: Matt Shaw I forgot to take my gamers skull candy on my last trip, have to pay 20 sing dollars and was spewing!

Joseph Strickland: Frank Watkins sorry frank I think you need to do a bit more research about what they actually do. what are hearing aids worth 5 to 6 grand. There is a huge group of people who have undiagnosed hearing issues that dont warrant the 5 to 6 grand. For a f…See more

Alivia Zimmerman: Joseph Strickland: dont need any research at all, its all in the price

Joseph Strickland: Frank Watkins well your loss! Technical vs fundamental is a silly argument, you need both!

Alivia Zimmerman: Joseph Strickland: good luck

Hattie Steele: guessing all this drama is over the 4.27m loss last quarter ? retail begins on 24th people should be clambering for this

Skyla Martin:
Nuheara boosts its IQBuds truly wireless earbuds to a personal…

Delaney Mitchell: ….. yet the stock price has plummeted in recent days. Doesnt make any sense 😂

Genesis Christensen: Top up time.

Delaney Mitchell: Lol nah not for me. Just making a point that all this amazing information means diddly squat in relation to predicting sp movement

Genesis Christensen: Yup, the market is always keeping us entertained lolz.

Hattie Steele: 5 days ladies and gentlemen .. we will see …

Ashton Crawford: Till what?

Skyla Martin: New product is officially available in retail

Nicholas Mcdaniel: Trade the news with NUH.

Jake Ward: Looking forward to quarterly … make it or break it for this stock.

Genesis Christensen: Even if its not super strong, I think by end of year with all the networking and the HSP in place, it will start coming together..

Jake Ward: Sure NUH has enormous potential and has good team. Im happy as far as the SP dont slide below .086 Can hang in there for 12 months. Slow and solid uptrend better than rapid rise followed by sudden dip.

Genesis Christensen: Maybe hold this one long enough for it to pay dividends lolz. If they get that far. Need one of them stocks in my portfolio that I can say I bought for 5c etc when its a global name in a the hopefully not to distance future.

Jake Ward: Likewise mate, all the best to us!

Genesis Christensen: Mate of mind said he meet a guy that got in on the CBA IPO back in the day for about 70k for $5 a share or something crazy like that. Still holding apparently!!! I want that to be me some day haha.

Jake Ward: Wow this worth almost 1 Million now. Amazing stuff!

Maci Freeman: Cant see the quarterly being anything too hot. Announcement/s there after is what will shoot the stock up back in the teens.

Genesis Christensen: Deal with US, tie in with a teleco provider, specsavers floor space or cornerstone investor will get the SP pumping, get all of them on the run sheet and this company is going places!!!

Jake Ward: Maci Freeman: boost launch not attractive enough?

Jake Ward: Genesis Christensen: sky is the limit.

Maci Freeman: Jake Ward: priced in already. Would have seen the SP tumble if we missed the 24th. Dont think the Boost sales will be in the March quarter as the revenue has to be realised for them to report it as revenue. For it to be realised, the product would have needed to have been shipped.

Jake Ward: Maci Freeman: an annoucnment regarding its shipping might send much needed positive vibes.

Maci Freeman: Jake Ward: was already mentioned during then Webinar that they were on track for or before the 24th.

Jake Ward: Thanks mate … didnt know that.

Skyla Martin: Being sold off today. People wanting to get in at a lower price ahead of Monday me thinks.

Jake Ward: Low overall market volume pushing price down me thinks. Whats on Monday?

Skyla Martin: The new product is officially available, NUH start officially shipping pre-orders.

Jake Ward: I would think its already factored into the price since its known. What can push SP up is solid qauaterly. Thoughts?

Kaden Dean: Price has dropped below the 50 day EMA but still above the 200 day EMA. Holding up okay so far but who knows what happens in this market.

Skyla Martin: Yes, but there will be quite a delay in real terms of this new product selling. I think it might be the following quarter that significant sales will start to be seen. Any positive announcement they make tends to get people on board. Be interesting to see if there is an anouncement on Monday.

Skyla Martin: I thought their recent presentation was great, however, it seems many people didnt think so – why?

Alivia Zimmerman: Skyla Martin:, ever been to a presentation that didnt look good? Sames as an IPO, all designed as glossy sales brochures to get your money. I am the worlds biggest cynic but that attitutde has kept me out of a lot of trouble.

Jake Ward: Buyers will build up when they see inorganic growth.

Skyla Martin: You are probably right Frank Watkins!

Maci Freeman: Skyla Martin: Webinar revealed nothing new besides the new Boost TV Streamer in development. TBH complete waste of time. Could have been announced via an announcement. Everything presented in the Webinar was quite well known by the majority of investors.

Jake Ward: Explains why SP went down after it. Most of us were expecting some new news in webinar.

Maci Freeman: Jake Ward: All it needs another HSP like announcement and it will be back in the teens again. I personally think that the lack of information presented during the Webinar and the partial comments by Justin regarding if future capital raising would be u…See more

Jake Ward: Maci Freeman: open ended answers humm … I havent listened to the webinar so cant comment. Lets see how things span out in coming week. So far its news is the main SP driver. Sales should talk sooner or later to get big money in.

Jake Ward: Looking at NUHs chart all I can say is its holding support at .090c. Anyone thoughts on NUH chart?

Alanna Clayton: NUH Product is good and management is very proactive and good at Marketing, IMO its worth holding for long term. I would not bother about day to day movement of stock. It will be another success story like CSL .

Skyla Martin: Maybe not just like CSL though!!

Genesis Christensen: Meh, if the SP keeps dropping just use it to add more shares. Its a win win really. Unless you are just trading it, long term should provide many bags to those willing to wait for NUHs full potential. I am about to let my entire family know about the HSP and start getting word of mouth out there. Add other countries getting on board, Australias population isnt very big compared to most ofnthe world. Get another few with simlar backing for a HSP scheme and watch the coin start rolling in!!

Skyla Martin: I dont disagree with you Genesis Christensen:, but it will never get to the levels of CSL. Not even BHP or the banks can do that!!!

Fernando Collins: IQBoost was featured on Channel 7 news tonight.

Hearing device
7 News SydneyLike Page
25 April ·
New technology that combines bluetooth connectivity with an in built hearing test has now arrived in Australia. Boosting everyday sounds at a fraction of the cost of traditional hearing aids.
#Hearing #7News

Skyla Martin: Good day for NUH

Jake Ward: Fingers crossed for quarterly.

Skyla Martin: Great ann. about Best Buy. Hopefully we see significant sales from June onwards as a result.

Skyla Martin: Although being sold off on positive ann……..

Andres Reid: Best buys only picked up 600 units. Perhaps its not as good a news as hoped.

Skyla Martin: Thats just the first stock order though?

Andres Reid: Skyla Martin: correct, but they are limping into the market as a trial. Not hitting it hard. No doubt we need to wait for the results/second stock order to see a market change.

Skyla Martin: Fair enough. Be good to see the sales after July

Skyla Martin: Down nearly 11% today…….

Brinley Pierce: Buying more?

Skyla Martin: Not at this stage. I think if I had the money I would

Jake Ward: Whats make you so positive on NUH Skyla Martin:. SP has been trading sideways or sliding down for around two months now.

Skyla Martin: Jake Ward: I like the company, they have good products and a sound future in my opinion