Ive just turned 18 and have been in the stock market since 14. My port…

Ive just turned 18 and have been in the stock market since 14. My portfolio has since grown and have gotten a large pay out from my parents, the equivalent to what they were worth. Ive currently got orders on PNV, COB and NUH. Should I try and diversify more? and what are some good stocks to look into. Thanks in advance

Jimena Riley: SAS long term, 2020 should begin to be a good year and potentially a stock thatll enter the dollar market

Ariel Lowe: Dont know what people see in sas

Jimena Riley: Potential and a decent revenue

Gia Weber: ground breaking tech that can revolutionise third world countries if they can utilise it correctly.

Ariel Lowe: SpaceX will trump them.

Gia Weber: And that comment is why you dont see what we see, you dont even understand the difference between the two companies.

Ariel Lowe: Good luck with it

Alessandra Hardy: Ohhh the funnymentals are strong with this one. Please dont buy SAS

Emersyn Newman: Depends what your risk preference is…If its low risk go for the blue chipsIf its medium look out for ASX 300 companiesIf its high risk… small caps in emerging markets like lithium and cannabis for exampleHowever you need to differentiate whether you are a trader or investor (you can be both also). Traders look for profit whereas investor seek for value

Emersyn Newman: Oh and resources such as Money mag and Australian Financial Review (AFR) may assist in decision-making

Riley Baldwin: around 7-9 is a good number – based on value not speculation…

Dayana Holland: QBL

Beau Cobb: Keep only small portion of portfolio in penny stocks coz in a bear market these get marked down dramatically 50% +….10% penny stocks, 20% cash, 70% investment grade stocks. Perhaps a managed portfolio of quality like ASX:CDM. A listed fund run by some very smart guys. Or look at MHOR asset management….High quality investment fund

Sienna Benson: If you have a large sum to invest you should put 80% in something safer than penny stocks. Remember penny stocks are the highest risk you can take.

Jasmine Mcdonald: Have a look into NVX, battery material supplier, battery testing equipment seller and have a graphite deposit in QLD and world class board members running the business. Worth looking into for a LT hold. DYOR.

Alexis Greene: mus

Maliyah Vega: And your reasons, let me guess, because theyve moved to Bangkok because its a better life style there and more interesting things to spend the shareholders money on and oh dont forget they have diversified into all the most popular rare earths and …See more

Leilani Long: John Boen I havent read anything on mus investing in cryptos, but they have sold 1.6M worth of their rubies since September. Their P/B is 0.5 so the company is cheap in that regard, but the big question is if they can generate profits and overcome their debt

Talia Soto: Id buy CAD before Id buy MUS.

Maliyah Vega: And Talia Soto: would you buy CAD, I think I know the answer to that

Talia Soto: Maybe with your money 🤣

Maliyah Vega: Well good luck with that, Ill see if I can find what left for you to invest in CAD and MUS

Alexander Jacobs: Consider healthcare for stability and growth. We are always going to need healthcare and we have an ever growing elderly population. Research RHC and CSL. There are heaps on the market

Alice Wells: KTA, BRK, PUR, BD1, IVR

Diana Ellis: At 18 mate, keep it simple, buy some Australian and global indexes through ETFs (with low fees) and add what you can a few times a year, dont even get sucked into gawking at the share market everyday and enjoy life whilst your investments compound immensely over a long time…

Stephanie Robinson: Agreed, at 18, time is on your side. Have LICs and ETFs with DRPs. Will make you wealthy over time. I personally have ARG, AFI, VAS and VGS as my solid, long term wealth building.

Jax Rodriguez: All on red mate

Johanna Nunez: At 18 I was deciding between nugget ned and findo

Kaleb Powell: Findo all day

Ana Williams: buy a house– with our population increasing, demand well outweighs supply

Jasmine Mcdonald: Shares first, build some capital then use that for deposit for bricks n motar??

Ana Williams: agree you need a decent deposit

Jasmine Mcdonald: I got a few houses. Been a right pain in the backside. Wish I had some shares first then the houses… both can do well tho… my plan is penny stocks for good returns to pay off housing debt haha

Elliot Tucker: Lol house prices are about to plummit. Australia is the 2nd highest house price to income in the world

Ivan Mclaughlin: Its been like that for a long time though.

Ana Williams: Elliot Tucker: its all about supply and demand- population in melbourne and other capitals is increasing dramatically

Elliot Tucker: Ana Williams: banks have tightened lending and with record low interest rates just a few rises will send people broke. Brisbane currently has an over supply of appartments ect its coming shortly

Alessandra Hardy: The housing market could follow equities soon if things go south

Elle Sherman: I wish I didnt waste my time buying property first and not starting a business or learning about the share market

Jasmine Mcdonald: Elle Sherman: I will second that comment.

Alessandra Hardy: Third that comment. I actually just sold my flat for a loss in wa. Completely respect that a good return has been had in property in the past in Australia, and maybe again in the future. But i cant see it being as good and the more short term there is perhaps more risk then usual

Ivan Mclaughlin: I bought my first house in 2003 for $184,000, rented it after 12 months. Moved back in within 6 years then proceeded to rent it again. Just sold it last week for $400,000. Im quite happy with how that property performed (Perth)

Elle Sherman: No denying it worked well in the past but I doubt many citys/towns will replicate that growth over the next 15 years

Kaia Porter: Incredible advantage and gift you have. If you havent already, read deeply on investing, plan your future. Structure your trading/investing plan around your life goals.

Hanna Lowe: AHZ

Lane Schmidt: PLS

Luca Daniel: PLS, AGY

Colette Osborne: When i was 18, i was finishing up my degree and still paper trading AHAHAH.

Colette Osborne: Before you start building your own portfolio, develop a strong investment strategy and trading plan first.

Alessandra Hardy: Read a book by Edward and magee and trade

Ezekiel Webb: AJM & PLS

Arya Moss: Build a diversified portfolio across different commodities (gold, silver, nickel, lithium, vanadium, cobalt, mineral sands etc etc). We are in the early stages of a commodities bull market after a 5 year slump. Now is the best time to get exposure to cheap commodity plays (across the value chain).

Theodore Riley: was losing money on sportsbet when i was 18

Elliot Tucker: Sports bet has better odds than the share market

Riley Pope: PLS. AGY.

Elle Sherman: The most important thing to do is not get married. Nobody thinks they will break up but the fact is more than half do and she will take half your shit haha

Vanessa Hayes: So what you are really saying is dont enter a relationship? Defactos can take half, too.

Elle Sherman: Vanessa Hayes: spot on. Hide your money in a trust or something haha

Riley Pope: Second this wholeheartedly.

Maisie Gross: Keep an eye on PAA when it comes out of Trading Halt.