Anyone know of any phone stock tracking apps that allow 4 decimal plac…

Anyone know of any phone stock tracking apps that allow 4 decimal places in their displays and calculations? Instance – on Friday I bought 4000000 shares of BDI purchased @ 0.0015, because the apps Ive tried round that to 0.001 they register an instant loss of 33.3r%, no change in valuation since purchase. Cheers

Xavier Bowen: If you trade with CommSec and you have access to the IRESS platform you can alter purchase and average price

Amber Doyle: Using ANZ E*Trade

Amber Doyle: Even the bank shows a loss of $2000 in my investment account

Amber Doyle: Aha, I see the confusion now. Its BDI – Blina Minerals 😉

Aleena Mendez: My bad 🙂

Aleena Mendez: Man thats cheap I didnt even know they went that low 🙂

Amber Doyle: Yeh, I know, if its was 1.5 cents my initial loss would have far exceeded 2k @ 400000, so yay I guess lol

Aleena Mendez: Any specific reason for choosing this one ?

Amber Doyle: It bounces around a lot over the last few weeks, Ive been trying to buy at 0.001 and sell at 0.002, so far gone from 1k to 6k, but this 2k loss is making me wonder, just hope it coz the first time I got it for .0015, guess Ill find out next few days..

Aleena Mendez: Good luck yup it moves a bit and regularly

Yaretzi Harrison: Biggest problem is liquidity – but management needs to pull their finger out and deliver imo.

Jordyn Hill: For an exploration company they have a lot of stock changing hands. I take it traders are just buying and dumping?

Aleena Mendez: Mlm.asx hold 10%

Amber Doyle: I think thats the term for what Im doing. Just buy and sell same trade over and over lol

John Webster: Sorry Im a bit lost now but I ran it on my portfolio tracker and you are down 33% because you paid 0.0015 and the current price shows as 0.001 so your down 0.0005

Amber Doyle: Thats what it reckons, but I doubt it is accurate, hopefully just a rounding issue.

John Webster: Anyway to answer your original question, most only go to 3 decimals not 4

John Webster: Also nearly all (all that I have come across) will show on the day you buy, the difference in price being the days open and days close, not the difference between your buy price and the day close price.

Brooks Cook: Last traded price is 0.001 so if you did buy at 0.0015 then your are down 33%. ASX only prices to three decimal places so hows you get executed at 0.0015 unless its an average over multiple buys?

Harper Gregory: it went through as a XT id say lucky you didnt pay 0.002