The best AI tech stocks for the future??

The best AI tech stocks for the future??

Erin Armstrong: FGO?

Melody Jennings: PCK !!!

Brinley Alexander: OPN

Yaretzi Leonard: A legit 50 bagger in 2 years

Brinley Alexander: Im not sure about 50 bagger but Im expecting at least 10 bagger very very cheap at the moment

Yaretzi Leonard: Well see, I guess but I know some wealthy and intelligent people who are in and are waiting for $s not cents

Brinley Alexander: Evaluation under 5 mill bargain of the century, good time to buy/accumulate

Yaretzi Leonard: Absolutely it is. Im actually reluctant to talk about it too much as Im still buying. Got a few small parcels this week

Iker Porter: Im not seeing the potential with OPN, their revenue is low and their burn rate high. What am I missing?

Yaretzi Leonard: All their revenue streams have only just come on line for exemplar, the Endeavour Drinks app and the Jottr app. The revenues from those will increase over time plus there is plenty in the pipeline. 110m shares on issue and very tightly held. Listed late in 2016, they spent all last building and tweaking the tech. Now this year and beyond is all about marketing and sales. Watch this space

Iker Porter: Matthew Caporn thanks, appreciate the reply 👍

Mckenna Medina: This is a million dollar question

Oscar Adkins: FBR (I think their building robots use some degree of AI)

Lila Walsh: Not aware of any use of AI with FBR. Please explain?

Oscar Adkins: FBRS main product is the Hadrian. Which is a automated building robot. Like a production line robot hand that builds homes. And to do this it needs to caculated dimensions with the assistance of certain inputs. I guess it comes down to how you define …See more

Oscar Adkins: So not AI in terms that it can think, but rather it can complete caculations and algerythms to build various houses

Lila Walsh: Nah mate, not AI at all. Uses CAD models and places bricks in sequence. As dumb as computing gets.

Oscar Adkins: Ahhh, wow I was misinformed. Cheers for correcting me.

Lila Walsh: No problem. Still a decent tech company though. Im holding. 🙂

Kelsey Anderson: BID

Jane Barber: BRN

Maya Meyer: FGO l