Does anyone in this group use their properties for airbnb? If so, what…

Does anyone in this website use their properties for airbnb? If so, what has your experience been and what market are you in?

Georgia Bryant:
10 Lessons Ive Learned as an Airbnb Host

Georgia Bryant: This isnt my blog, she doesnt post a ton of crazy affiliate links, & Ive found it very helpful honest and informative. Tons of great info in there. Ive never used airbnb myself but I have found this blog to be really reliable and brutally honest. Hope Paula can provide you with some insight 😊 I know a lot of her posts have helped me decide exactly what my next steps are.

Ryleigh Williams: talk to Ryan Hightower. He is the master!

Jayla Reid: Thank you. I did one but Im in need of help!!

Brianna Ward: Its a very good and indepth blog, although i did not read all of it, just kinda skimmed to the end.

Londyn Clayton: Yes. I make more money but its a lot of headache and stress. Thinking about turning them into regular rentals.

Helen Copeland: Innovation.

Margaret Chapman: A friend was robbed by a couple with a child he had in his home. Be cautious.

Allison Kelley: The timeless question of short term vs long term rentals vs selling! At first short term rentals are a better option for quick money. By quick money I mean money that will be in your bank account in a couple of days. While this might sound attractive at first, your marketing costs will be ongoing because youll have to advertise on an ongoing basis. Youll also not have the peace of mind of how your property is being treated. In the contrary, long term rentals offer the opposite. Long term rentals mean youre locked in with a renter for a longer period of time. Youll need to still market the property however once a renter is found, youre set for a few months. This means more consistent payments spread out for several months. Bottom line, short-term rentals are a good way to make fast money during certain periods of the year. But if youre looking at your rental property as a long-term investment with the ultimate goal to create wealth passively, youre much better off going long-term than short-term.
Short Term Rentals vs. Long Term Rentals

Jayla Reid: Thanks for the information! I have a few colleagues that swear by airbnb but I think Ill stick with long term residents!

Levi Dean: I would like to get into that business

Veronica Grant: Why dont you?

Levi Dean: Veronica Grant: Mba I just need to find up and running airbnb properties

Veronica Grant: Or just buy ones and get them online? Theres a guy here in Charlotte that has I believe 7 now.

Levi Dean: Veronica Grant: Mba yes will do when I have more time to find the right ones then play decorator lol rather find turnkey opportunities with a airbnb or HomeAway history of rentals

Veronica Grant: Makes sense. Point taken. Im currently looking in Gatlinburg TN.

Hayden Walters: Hi Good Day, There is anyone here who are willing to invest a luxury condominium in the philippines? Our properties is located at Business District in Manila. Thanks! 😊

Stephen Wilkins: Its great. So good we started managing other peoples properties.