my key words of the day, STAGNANT & DEVEST – if you have a loss that i…

my key words of the day, STAGNANT & DEVEST – if you have a loss that isnt moving is it time to jump ship and use the money elsewhere? been in a stalemate of bid/sell for a while

Christian Hardy: 4ce hold till the end. Imo. Dyor

Maeve Norman: Haha I ask myself this question every day about NOR, TV2 and SHO.

Lorelai Mccoy: i got fed up with TV2

Maeve Norman: Lorelai Mccoy: im sick of them too but Ive held for nearly two years and am down a stack but Im too scared to sell now.

Lorelai Mccoy: Maeve Norman: fair enough… luckily i didnt invest much at all because i thought it was on the more risky side.

Maeve Norman: I bought these when I was still relatively new to the stock market and before I knew about stop losses 😞

Charley Wilson: Tv2 announcement supposed to be this week.Just hold at least the next week mate.

Kyleigh Owen: Depends on how much you have invested in that particular company. If it is only $500, then sit and hold. If it is $5000+, and you are worried, then cut your loss – just my opinion though.

Justice Moran: Not worried just worth more having a term deposit 😂

Karla Garner: Ive had enough for a while Ive invested in several penny stocks now (all highly recommended) and each one bombed the minute I purchased. Im gonna leave it alone for a month and see where this goes. My other theory is to not invest in anything being pushed on this forum, or wait exactly one week for it to be half the price after the dump

Justice Moran: pennies are volatile and manipulated im constantly questioning my rules on investing, its interesting though and a lot more involved than just sitting on a high yield blue chip portfolio

Kyleigh Owen: I think this is a great forum to learn about new stocks that you may not hear about otherwise, but then to make your own mind up based on some research. Before I joined this website I tended to base my decisions on smaller companies from the Motley Fool, Small Caps, and reading the AFR.

Iris Reed: Agree with Ian. I only own stocks that are mentioned on this page by coincidence. I dont think i would invest in penny stocks though just at the moment. I dont neccesarily think this page has that much influence on pump and dump though, not enough members

Kensley Tran: Nothing wrong with the forum, but prices can move very quickly. So you should have a solid grasp of technical and fundamental analysis to know whether youre investing too early or too late.

Iris Reed: Kensley Tran: I completely agree but most people on this page dont and thats coming from a total rookie (me)

Kensley Tran: Yeah true, I guess we all start somewhere… and the profits we make in the long run are a reflection of the research and skills we put into it. Originally I wasnt so good, but now I do about 50 hours of research before I decide if I want to risk my…See more

Iris Reed: Yes! Absolutely on board with that sentiment. You are right about starting somewhere I was the same too and sometimes still get caught out. I probably trade 95% TA though, FA is a waste of time although might give more consideration if I didnt have a full time job. I definitely wont say anything about tax to you! It does pain me that people blindly buy stocks (like SAS)

Jimena Frazier: No point selling at a loss bigger then 30-40% if you think that company has a good 5 to 10 year plan. Thats if you can wait

Kyleigh Owen: Penny stocks will always be pumped and dumped, its just a case of finding companies that you think have a read, longer term future, and buying at the bottom, and holding for 5-10 years.

Charleigh Evans: Why wont they just legalise mull and tesla build a battery factory in oz

Angel Cannon: Your question depends on your plan. If you a trader or investor. Trade you jump out if stock not moving. Use the capital to make money on stock that are moving.

Justice Moran: thanks mate

Maddison Myers: I dont wear a vest. You mean DIVEST?

Jesus Singleton: I read this post with interest and a lot of red currently in my trades. After thinking on it And looking at samples of the penny stocks its very few that turn into a long term growth.They seem to oscillate over a period with some steep growth curves and drop offs accompanied by many smaller ripples.Today I took an 8.7% profit on CTL and set a new order for 200k Shares at 1.1 again after broker fees thats that 171 profit.Small profits may be the winner here rather than watching the stock go nowhere and I intend to narrow my holding down and increase my purchase amounts to increase the net revenue .Just a thought but after 7 months my blue chip stocks have returned 12-19% whilst the pennys have stagnated.

Cristian Roberson: Depends what that company is doing? I like to combine FA and TA as I have time to look at what the company is doing. I think its the best way to reduce risk when buying and selling. Never hold too long and dont get greedy. Just dont blindly follow people without DYOR! I dont follow anyone in this website only pick what I think looks good and share it. People can make their own decisions.

Jesus Singleton: Fair comment I still hold KNO and will do long term, most of the mining shares seem to follow a pattern of Price positive ANN then SP rise and an immediate 3B.Then the pattern starts again until they are so diluted that it will never become a growth stock without a consolidation which hits the share price again

Cristian Roberson: Ive found it best to find something that has had a reasonable result, build a timeline for next results, buy a dip leading up to it and sell when they release the news either on that day or if its exceptional hang on and ride it longer. I dont reall…See more

Jesus Singleton: Good summary I think its taken me 6 months to get to this realisation 🙂

Cristian Roberson: Same mate Ive only been trading 12 months but Ive put a lot of time and effort in to learning and making heaps of mistakes along the way. There are some good posters in this website, I do listen to what a few have to say but if they cant convince me with good reasons to buy with an educational post I dont touch them. Plus I go read about the company and look at the chart before buying anyway.

Justice Moran: good discussion, thanks for the input, ended up cutting out 5% of my portfolio and re-investing it