Okay guys sorry for all the questions but your the only ones that will…

Okay guys sorry for all the questions but your the only ones that will answer. So I need to take my oil cover off, and Im not that experienced with cars, if I take this but off is there any special specifications on putting it back on? Should I not even bother?

Bill Thompson: Do you have a Haynes or Chilton manual for the vehicle? If not I would recommend getting one its got all the specs on it

Dalton Myers: I think you mean valve cover. I would mess with that, its one of the cam gears and the belt is the timing belt. I believe you need special tools to set the timing back.

Dalton Myers: If you are talking about the valve cover your almost there. Just about 10, 10mm bolt and it comes off

Kyle Hendrix: Alright I just dont want to screw the timing up if I can help it

Dalton Myers: I wont if you dont mess with the belt

Kyle Hendrix: Only reason I need to get it off is because theres a screw that got dropped in there

Dalton Myers: Wait dropped in what?

Dalton Myers: The cylinder

Kyle Hendrix: A screw got dropped where you pour the oil in

Dalton Myers: Oh ok, the valve cover is what you need to take off. Or you can try a magnet stick.

Kyle Hendrix: Thank you sir! I will try that

Dalton Myers: Now that you know what you need to take off, you can find a step by step instructional video on the internet. Its not hard. You will need a new gasket

Kyle Hendrix: Thank you sir, your help is much appreciated

Dalton Myers: Not a problem, we all need help from time to time