hello my dad has a 97 dodge Dakota truck.it is gonna need new transmis…

hello my dad has a 97 dodge Dakota truck.it is gonna need new transmission soon, heater core, something in the steering column and rust all fixed.my question is.is it cheaper to fix all of this out just buy new car.and how much do you think all that would come to roughly? thank you

Eric Winter: New truck trust me

Eric Winter: Been there got two cars in my driveway that r shot

Christanie Rauh: ok hes trying to hang onto the truck I told him its not worth it

Eric Winter: Yea I was the same way but ur gonna save a shit ton of money

Ronald Johnson Sr: Buy a different truck

Christanie Rauh: what brands are the best for pick up trucks?

Tom Tulenko: Toyota any model and Nissan Frontiers.

Ronald Johnson Sr: Depends on what you want, for just pudding around, I bought a Ford after owning Dodge and Chevy and like what I have Ford has never let me down

Christanie Rauh: yes its just for him to drive around in really

Ronald Johnson Sr: Go test drive different types, youll know what fits

Ronald Johnson Sr: All vehicles are different, and depending on how its cared for any one you get can be good

Christanie Rauh: very true I plan on not buying junk to start with this time so it can last longer then the normal cars we get to buy

Ronald Johnson Sr: Remember not to buy the 1st one you drive and dont buy from a used car lot, they know how to doctor a vehicle to get rid of it, and never buy as is

Christanie Rauh: I know I wanna go to the big chain cos this time not the stupid little car sales man I sick of them lying to us and selling us death traps all the time

Ronald Johnson Sr: I know what your saying, I got burned real bad by a used car sales dick

Christanie Rauh: we have to by way to many of them took one to court and he got away with it all

Ryan MJ Loew: take it to your mechanic before you buy.if they wont let you then they only got something to hide.

Christanie Rauh: what if its from like kia, or Ford themself

Ryan MJ Loew: then try and get some type of warranty