Ok here’s a new question: who do you think the crappiest, worst run,…

Ok heres a new question: who do you think the crappiest, worst run, piece of poo company out there is? Who do you think will go down in the next month or so? Stick to “normal” companies please, no penny stock type of companies. Looking to add some negative option deltas to my portfolio but Im undecided. Whatcha think?

Amara Bennett: RIOT

Jase Hudson: GE

Amara Bennett: GE? Not exactly a garbage company.

Jase Hudson: Really down over 50% in the last ten years.Just feel sorry for the saps that work there and keep buying all the way down cuz they get a 10% discount and dont know any better

Melanie Parker: Gotcha there. Not a company Im looking to short right now though since who knows if theyve bottomed or not. Great suggestion though, thank you!

Jase Hudson: Ya sorry a year ago would have been good. I just know guys that work there

Vivian Terry: SNAP or APRN have to be in the mix

Santiago Young: Id say Overstock (OSTK)! SEC is after them. Although, it may not tank next month. But, this price increase is not reasonable/legal.