New to investing reading and learning all I can. Went to a rule one in…

New to investing reading and learning all I can. Went to a rule one investing seminar and really enjoyed it. Now they have called me and asked if I would like for them to assist me in expanding my knowledge in stocks especially in options trading. Told me it would be $6000 for the tuition. My question would be should I be sceptical, and does anyone have knowledge about rule one investing.

Gloria Jennings: Read all you can. Cramer and Buffet , to name a couple, but dont stop at just those two. Take the 6K, open an account and practice what youve learned from Jim and Warren. I bet youll learn more from losing that 6K on your own. Stay Mad for Life was really a good place to start for me.

Rowan Hunter: Thanks Gloria Jennings: how long have you been investing

Gabriella French: Ill tell you a little secret. There is nothing in their education that you cant find from a few books on Amazon or some free YouTube videos.

Rowan Hunter: Just trying to make a difference for my family. Dont really know where to start. I dont think options would be good for someone just starting out. Just looking for someone or something to steer me down the right path.

Rowan Hunter: Where did you start if you dont mind me asking

Gloria Jennings: No day trading. No options. No hot stock of the week. I am talking investing. Learn what a sound company looks like. Do your own research. Yahoo Finance. Investopedia.

Rowan Hunter: Just investing no trading. I agree.

Isaiah Wilkins: Toby, keep your money by not taking any courses, and instead research fundamental investing methods (IE Warren Buffetts method). You can learn lots from the library and youtube. Options trading is not a good idea for a beginner.

Madilynn Barton: Much can be learned from Investopedia and Morningstar, all for free except for your time. Good Investing!

Dylan Ortega: I went to the Rule 1 workshop too and it was awesome! Their podcast is a goldmine too but I wouldnt pay 6k for a course. Thats outrageous.

Alivia Lewis: 6000 is a bit too much! Options trading is not that complicated to learn. The complexity is not due to knowing what to do, rather in it is in finding profitable contracts that fit how much you can risk in the process. Having said that, I think Rule #1 people are pretty good investors.Another option for learning to do options is the Motley Fool option. The price tag is 999.

Rowan Hunter: Thanks Hoda for your insight. If you dont mind me asking what did you to learn stocks when you were a begginer

Alivia Lewis: Rowan Hunter: I learned from my Dad and then my own learning.The best way I learned though was to document 3 bullets as my reasons everytime I invested. And, going back to those reasons in a few months and year. Gradually, I realized how my decisions …See more

Brady Jackson::

Brady Jackson::

Rowan Hunter: Thanks Brady Jackson:

Brady Jackson: I have a couple Harvard degrees and I was trained by a millionaire. These are some of the basic tooics you should study. Keep your 6k and make small trades and study both these books and on youtube. Trust me… there isnt anything they will teach you you cant teach yourself.

Rowan Hunter: Brady Jackson: Thank you for your wisdom

Parker Pearson: Fund your IRA with the money instead

Rowan Hunter: Parker Pearson: When I start my ira should I diversify in many stocks or just a few

Bailey Spencer: I would start off with a few stocks, and diversified. 👍🏾

Parker Pearson: I only have 6. If you buy too many you might as well buy an index fund. I prefer dividend paying stock in different sectors.

Eliana Little: If you have only 3.000 $, buy 3 stocks. If you have 20.000 $, buy 10 stocks! If you have 200.000 $, buy 20 stocks! And never more than 20. Some from the USA, some from western Europe. But all stocks with dividends! Because soon will be here the big crash and it isnt nice, to be some years in red and without dividends. But if your share has 3% dividend yield 3% and after the big crash fell on 1/2, it has the dividend yield 6%. And follow always the value investing, dont buy P/E-P/B-P/S-expensive stocks!

Victor Woods: Thats $5990 too much

Gloria Jennings: Do due diligence one hour per week per stock. If you dont have the time, buy an index fund.

Brooklyn Woods:
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Olive Williams: Be skeptical. Options trading is difficult. That is a lot of money. If you have it, dont waste it on a course. Find an ETF to invest in and not lose your money. Youll even make some money.