Advice please: Just got notice that ABBVIE is offering to buy back my …

Advice please: Just got notice that ABBVIE is offering to buy back my stock at $99ish, in what they are calling a Modified Dutch Auction. I am not experienced enough to know #1 why they would make that offer #2 if I should sell or hold I work full time so i invest in my down time. Sorry if my question is uneducated, but i simply have not had this experience before and would appreciate understanding this notice before I take action. Thank you in advance fellow investors.

Esmeralda Reese: This is indeed a bit confusing. They are basically trying to buyback their shares.I personally like ABBV. I plan to keep it. Well-operated company, with free cash flow and a growing dividend.Ask yourself, if you have a better place to invest your cash? Other investment ideas that might give you a better return than ABBV?

Ashlyn Marsh: Thank you Hoda! I think ill keep as well

Adam Barrett: sounds like theyre trying not to pay you top dollar for your shares.

Ashlyn Marsh: I felt that way as well. I read that analysts are thinking it will hit $115.

Adam Barrett: Its basically like if they need to buy back $1B, theyre asking you to compete against other shareholders in the buyback.

Ashlyn Marsh: So just hang tight?

Adam Barrett: probably.

Joy Weber: My 2cents on this is – ABBV is embarking on a share buyback program and rather than going into the open market they are looking to (some would say opportunistically) buy through an auction process that starts low ($99) then gradually rises to a max pri…See more

Ashlyn Marsh: Joy Weber: thank you for a perfectly thorough explanation. I appreciate your taking the time to do so. I will hold on to my shares

Ada Howell: Here is an article which might shed some light on MDATOs:
Modified Dutch Auction Tender Offers And Ways To Profit

Esmeralda Reese: Oh nice! thank you!

Mason Walters: I have ABBV and didnt receive such a notice.

Ashlyn Marsh: interesting!

Ashton Harrison: I have that too. Im ignoring it and keeping my shares. The fact they want them makes me want to keep them more! Lol.

Julian Quinn: As they begin to buy back shares their value will go up. Excellent capital appreciation.