Not exactly a stock question but thought It couldn’t hurt to ask. Iâ…

Not exactly a stock question but thought It couldnt hurt to ask. Im ready to open a Roth IRA but Im not sure who I want to go with. Ive done some homework and want to go with roth over a regular IRA. Any advice about who to open it with?

Henry Hale: I used TD Ameritrade so that I could get access to all of their tools and advice.

Heaven Patton: Ive got an existing account with TD. I might just do that. Thanks!

Michaela Schmidt: Heaven Patton: You can ask TD to reduce their trade fees to $4.95. They say yes to some people. Maybe theyll throw u in some free trades for opening up another account too. It doesnt hurt to ask. The worse they can do is say no. Oh and threaten to move to Fidelity. They might throw in free trades then too.

Heaven Patton: Michaela Schmidt: great advice, thank you

Michaela Schmidt: Heaven Patton: I got 500 free trades for 3 months. Cant use them all…

Catalina Thompson: I would say Cap1 but theyre switching us over to Etrade this year

Itzel Singleton: Fidelity

MIDDLE NAMES FOR GIRLS THAT SUIT JUST ABOUT ANY STYLE Bowman: I really like Fidelity. And their app is easy to use.

Itzel Singleton: and it is only 4.95 a trade and many commishion free ETFs