Hi all! Newbie here with a million questions. Just bought a few stocks…

Hi all! Newbie here with a million questions. Just bought a few stocks in CVRS(Im intrigued by robots and they just got DAD approved), Sirius and arotech …. looking for another buy but still doing my reads. Would love everyones opinions on my first few mistake and learns lol

Olivia Brock: FDA* approved lol not dad. Oh geez

Andrew Parker: Dad approval could be very beneficial as well. 😉

Adelaide Peterson: I have tried my whole life to get dad approval.

Millie Rhodes: My dad wouldnt approve ;(

Jayla Hicks: Thanks for your post!Share more of your logic to invest in each? and, whats your time horizon?Im concerned about Sirus (SIRI)! More details about SIRI:MARKET: Sirius XM Holdings operates in the satellite radio market, which is expected to grow by 4.90% per year between 2016 & 2021 in U.S. OPERATIONS:Operationally, Sirius XM Holdings shows a few signs of weakness. It has a positive sales growth, positive earnings per share, with some cash constraints. Sirius XM Holdings faces a few challenges to maintain its competitive advantage. PAST RETURN:Overall, had you invested in the company in the past few years, you would have had periods of growth and decline in your wealth compared to the S&P500 index.CONCLUSION:The company spends $1.68 billion to generate $5.43 billion in revenue and $1.57 billion in free cash flow. With competition coming from mobile devices, the likes of Spotify and the built-in integration of Amazons Alexa and similar voice operators in our cars and homes, it is difficult to imagine Sirius XM can stay relevant. The companys advantage is its unique content such as the agreement with Howard Stern and the deal to broadcast all National Football League games through the 2022 Super Bowl. However, the voice ecosystem is having a disruption moment where no one is safe.

Olivia Brock: Great read. I was planning on holding on to these for atleast 5 years. Will definitely keep a close eye on siri:-/

Tessa Cross: CVRS – Corindus Vascular Robotics Inc – Not 10 years history, No dividend, volume good, debt erratic, turnover flat increasing, EPS negative erratic, PE missing, profit reducing reducing, ROE negative high erratic, ROCE negative high erratic, BVPS negative erratic, Cash-Flow negative, 3 month price trend is up, last sell signal was in Feb 2018, has erratic price trend and has falling price trend since May 2015 – would sell.

Olivia Brock: Thank you Collin! I sold my shares yesterday. I was so intrigued by this product but did not see any positives as you put. This is whats been putting me in the negative for a few weeks 🙁

Olivia Brock: Im a bit new to this about a month in how did you find when their last sale was?

Tessa Cross: Olivia Brock: I have a set of rules I follow and use my own sell and buy algorithms which I have developed over the past 10 years, these are my rules, hope it helps.