#Question Hey folks, If we want to put a list of 100 people (blogger, …

#Question Hey folks, If we want to put a list of 100 people (blogger, Podcast host, author, Seeking Alpha contributor, Twitter personality…) that every long-term and data-driven investor should know and follow, who would that be?

Riley Sparks: Seeking Alpha: Chuck Carnevale, one of the creators of FASTgraphs. (Also known as Mr. Valuation.)

Cameron Bailey: Never knew him. Thanks! Added to the list!

Jake Reese: how about some of the Analysts, who are giving their daily opinions on up-grades, down-grades

Riley Sparks: There are dozens and dozens of them. Thats the problem.

Cameron Bailey: Riley Sparks: but who is really good? We dont want to waste time and just wonder around. I wanna create a go-to list!

Riley Sparks: I quite agree, Hoda. We dont need a long miscellaneous list of analysts. Personally, I dont regularly follow certain anaysts. I do follow certain Seeking Alpha authors/contributors. Believe it or not I like to listen to what Jim Cramer has to say.

Cameron Bailey: Riley Sparks: Good stuff! Cramer has good things to say. But, he is more in it for entertainment rather than insights. Remember, most of his net worth is coming from his show creates not his investment 😉

Jake Reese: Sometimes he has good insight of the market in general, what goes on behind the limelight and such, but I would not get into any stocks, because he recommends them,

Cameron Bailey: Jake Reese: I follow him on Twitter. I like him though 🙂

Riley Sparks: I subscribe to The Street, so I get Jim Cramers comments & news videos there. He has made some good calls.

Everett Graves: The old white greats: Warren Buffett, Philip Fisher, Peter Lynch

Cameron Bailey: For sure!

Everett Graves: So no one doing pop podcasts

Cameron Bailey: pop podcasts?

Everett Graves: Sorry… i just really mean I trust very few people when it comes to investing, so I wouldnt be able to come up with 100 sources of good information let alone 20

Cameron Bailey: Everett Graves: Got it! Its more about people who are good thinkers… not so much about advice, but rather people who have a knack for sharing good ideas

Cameron Bailey: Yasha Bahram Thanks! Ill add him

Savannah Green: The Brooklyn Investor posts infrequently but is well worth reading.Also, Crossing Wall Street is a very good blog

Cameron Bailey: Nice! got it!