Not a review but a question. What are your thoughts of seeing a family…

Not a review but a question. What are your thoughts of seeing a family in a bar? Many times I thought of going to places like blind pig, old grog, kountry bar type places for food. Problem is I never do because I have a 6 & 4 year old and always thought it was not right to bring them in adult places. Any thoughts to this thinking?

Quinn Johnson: have always gone to the Old Grog for years, sat in the back with family – saw several — also have seen several families dining at Game Day Sports Bar — go there first and check it out.

Tristan Hughes: I say as long as they serve food (obviously LOL) and have tables so the kids dont actually have to sit at the bar, theres nothing wrong with it.

Jaiden Cobb: If its during meal time and your there for dinner I think its very acceptable!!!

Eva Warren: I work at Countryside Bar and Grill and we have alot of families come in, I think it is perfectly acceptable during meal time to bring kids in with you 🙂

Reid Abbott: I agree with most of the above. I wouldnt take kids to Blind Pig. We only she there once & wont be going back.

Dylan Johnston: I dont think its an issue around dinner time, if tables are available and as long as it isnt excessively loud.

Archer Greene: Its not so much the kids being there. Its the adults that bring them there and let them run around. Like at The Bar in oshkosh. Go there during supper time and almost everytime there are kids running around by the pool tables unsupervised.

Reid Abbott: I dont know why she replaced ate.

Hattie Houston: If they have a separate dining ok but depends on bar. With some the f bombs are flying .Definitely not after 9.00pm

Alayah Griffith: Thanks everyone. Apparently i have a lot more places to try now! Lol

Valerie Figueroa: We bring a 6 year old to the blind pig. Always early she doesnt run around hardly ever crowded and the fish is above average. Never a problem. They have tables to sit at too

Brady Erickson: Question #2 – did your parents ever take you to a bar? Do you think it was inappropriate?

Jaiden Cobb: If your going for dinner its not inappropriate! If your going to hang out and parents are drinking… VERY inappropriate!!. No my parents never brought me to a bar. But my parents never went to the bars either!

Dylan Maxwell: Always went with my folks to The Broadway … was definitely a thing to do. I wouldnt hesitate to take my grandkids to a similar place.

Izabella Fields: Go to Texas Roadhouse. Its so damn loud nobody will notice the difference.

Kamila Jennings: Remember that if you plan to drink, it is against the law to then drive with your kids in the car. Even if you are not drunk it is still against the law. Check it out.

Kamila Jennings: I heard the fine is somwhat over 400.00