Jonathan Holland: recently brought up a question about McDonalds brats…

Jonathan Holland: recently brought up a question about McDonalds brats. In somewhat the same vein… In your opinion what fast food joint has the best burger? Restaurants, diners or bars and grills are not included.

Tobias Saunders: Toms

Skyla Martin: I agree, Toms is my favorite. Culvers burgers are also solid, but I just dont like their fries that much.

Edward Wolfe: I love the crinkle fries

Jake Rodgers: Ive been eating burgers/no bun for almost a year. In terms of straight-up patty quality,Toms is indeed number one. # 2 is A&W. 3 is Wendys and # 4 I grant to Culvers. McDonalds is acceptable only in an emergency, and even then, one is pressed to allow it.

Tobias Saunders: What do u eat instead of bun?

Jake Rodgers: Tobias Saunders: More burgers.

Tobias Saunders: Haha!

Jake Rodgers: Tobias Saunders: In fact, Im heading there right now!

Abigail Arnold: Toms or Culvers !

Elena Price: A&W or JDs

Kyleigh Wheeler: I would have to say toms. The big Tom burger or tomminator

Maci Stevens: Culvers or Wendys

Edward Wolfe: Culvers

Peyton Gutierrez: Toms Pizza Burger is the best

Colin Hogan: Welll….. definitely toms!

Myles Watson: club tavern in menasha or mihms

Nicole Frazier: These are good burgers but the places arent drive ins.

Myles Watson: Wendys then

Parker Norton: I like Toms tominator but prefer Culvers crinkle cut fries.

Joel Schmidt: Culvers! Is that even a question!?

Aaron Nelson: For a chain I would take Burger King, cant eat Toms – way too salty for me and my family, Culvers are dry and hard, McDs are okay but too greasy… stick with Mihms or Old Grog…

Erin Mccarthy: Love Toms burgers! Also this might be wrong but I love Hardees oh-so-bad-for-you burgers as well. The Diablo burger is awesome, and also the Chili Cheese Thickburger with onions, mustard, and pickles. 🙂

Jonathan Holland: If only Mihms was closer and faster, Id be covered in the juice from their burgers most of the time! As it is, though, I often settle for Culvers nearby…simply a matter of convenience. The best burger in the state is in Prairie du Chien, but it takes more commitment than I am willing to make to drive that far for a burger!

Nicole Frazier: As far as burgers go, Mihms is my familys first choice.

Jonathan Holland: I should add that I ended my career teaching in a building that has a section named for Culver (he went to UWO). I joked that you could tell which part was Culvers–there were defibrillators on the walls. (I would be banished from Wisconsin for implying that too much butter is bad for you, but you cant banish a native son.)

Kaia Phillips: im with you JILL GOT THE SAME TASTE

Maximiliano Parker: Honestly, Hardees.

Matthew Owen: Home Burger Bar on College Ave next to Cleos is the best!

Nicole Frazier: I need to try this place. But I wanted places you could drive through.

Matthew Owen: Oh sorry! I admittedly didnt read the whole post. For drive thru I vote Toms quarter pound burger.

Caroline Wade: I also like Hardees

Alan Valdez: Sorry but gag on Toms. Yeah to JDs and Culvers

Caroline Wade: I do wish we had an In N Out here

Aaron Nelson: I miss Hot n Now… olive burgers… so good

Abigail Arnold: Their olive burgers were AWESOME !

Nicole Frazier: We loved Hot and Now!

Nash Ortiz: Oh, me too. The olive burger was my favorite!

Cristian Glover: Culvers

Juliet Baldwin: Anduzzis, great burgers!

William Myers: Toms. No competition

Amir Butler: I think its about time I try Toms again maybe.