I dont have a review, but I do have an etiquette question. When you do…

I dont have a review, but I do have an etiquette question. When you do pick up or carside to go, do you tip?

Amari Mcbride: Yes.

Liam Hernandez: Yes.. you have give credit yo the people who baged up your dinner…

Beau Hubbard: I can see both sides, since if you order fast food to go, you dont tip… but at a restaurant carry out or if Im picking up Chinese food, i always tip a few bucks. a friend told me it wasnt necessary since there was no table service involved. Thought Id poll the experts 🙂

Clayton Ross: I tip Car side to go, I dont tip when I pick up.

Ryker Maxwell: only if the weather is bad if its nice I consider that a unscheduled break lol.

Ashlynn Knight: Dont be cheap. Tip.

Beau Hubbard: I do. I was wondering if theres a protocol or what others do.

Lia Leonard: How is it being cheap when all youre doing is picking up? Theres barely any effort there on the part of staff. Eating out is expensive enough.

Amiyah Powers: Agree. You are not taking up table space or being served and not taking advantage of asking for more bread or sauce etc, and in some cases not being able to go to the salad bar. or having someone fetch you another drink or refill your water or coffee.

Nina Howell: Yes, I would tip. Keeping to go orders straight, at the quoted time, making sure they have all of the special instructions and orders complete can often times be more work than just taking customers walking in the door.

Gunner Mann: Servers may have to take turns being to go some nights thus giving up regular table service

James Curtis: Its a toss up in the restaurant industry. Staff doesnt expect or hope to get a tip on a take out. In fact, its usually surprising to get one. If its a big order or has some crazy requests, its always nice to get some extra monetary thank you. Generally, takeout is a great revenue source that MOST restaurants are happy to handle without extra charges or expectations. However, please understand that certain restaurants have to put rules and charges in place in order to maintain efficient restaurant service.

Zion Gibbs: I dont tip when I call and order and pickup at a drive up window… but I do tip if I go inside and get it … only cuz they have to actually serve me. is that weird?

Clayton Ross: Do you tip if you go in Burger King or McDonalds?

Zion Gibbs: No, I tried once and was told they were not allowed to accept tips, same thing with the young man at the grocery store that carried out my groceries to my trunk — so I did see him in a store and bought his purchases for him to thank him…

Clayton Ross: If I park my car and go in to pick it up or use the drive up window I dont tip. I dont tip at Burger King Im not tipping anywhere else. If they come out to my car and avoid me going in, I tip

Frances Francis: Then go to Burger King!

Lia Leonard: So youd rather your restaurant not have business if you dont get a tip? Why dont places charge a to-go fee then if its such an issue? Eating out is expensive enough, you shouldnt have to limit to fast food just because you want to eat restaurant food at home.

Clayton Ross: Pizza carry out I dont tip either. Delivery I do

Amiyah Powers: Most all charge for delivery and then you are suppose to also tip the driver.

Liam Hernandez: Personally never eat at fast food locals … Have a tummy disorder that can make me sick hours later… Only eat at home and once and a great while out… but when I do eat out I think its right to tip

Skye Sherman: Totally agree w Clayton Ross:!

Beau Hubbard: Thanks everyone for your comments. Ive always tipped when i use car side pickup or if i go in to pick up an order (except for fast food), but a friend of mine doesnt tip for that type of service because she said theres no waiting on tables involved except for bagging the order. It made me wonder if tipping was necessary – but in my opinion, the food service business is rough enough and they deserve all the tips they can get. Thanks for the discussion and letting me know Im doing the right thing 🙂

Alyssa Dunn: As a former front of the house employee, if there is a person specified to go they are not even making minimum wage. Even a dollar helps. If it is a server taking your order and bagging your food and delivering it to your car, they are not with their tables…they are taking care of you,at a cost to them. $2.33 an hour and you miss one table that hurts the pocket book. You are not required to tip, though it is strongly recommended for good service (and frankly a bit of insurance that you will continue to receive good service, as a server never forgets a non tipper because that literally cost the money out of their pocket at the end of the night)

Brynn Black: To Go: noCarside : maybe