My First Dumb Question: How You Guys Select A Low Competition Keyword …

My First Dumb Question: How You Guys Select A Low Competition Keyword With High Traffic Volume ??

Tucker Hampton: Use Ahrefs and check the search results, you can sort by either parameter

Demi Norton: Any Free Method

Zachary Craig: In SEMrush they have a tool that can help with this. You can also do it with your GSC data, but you wold need to have something on site that relates to or mentions this keyword. You then look at the position based upon that content and make an educated guess of how easy it would be to put something in place.

Demi Norton: Really Helpful,,, Thank uh so much

Eli Garner: Im always wary of using tools competition data. They tend to just use how many other people rank for the term or the domain authority of the top 10 places which isnt really that helpful, as there are plenty of instances where say amazon or wikipedia dont rank first despite their better domain metrics.Realise this isnt the most useful comment, but i just dont trust tools for that kind of thing, better to grab the trust flow and ref domains at a page and domain level and work out how you compare to the top 5 places yourself.

Demi Norton: thats right

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