Best tools to help with optimizing seo.

Best tools to help with optimizing seo.

Elizabeth Marsh: GSA SER

Caleb Morris: I see what you did here

Griffin Rodgers: I thought GSA SER was an acronym for Accident waiting to happen. 🙂

Evelyn Hamilton: We use Semrush at our agency and love it – -> Advanced Keywords and Competitors Research Tool

Avery Simon: To begin with SEO you can use.1. Google webmasters2. Screaming frog3. Backlinks watch.4. Pingdom tools5. Google page speed insights.Optimise technical factors, optimise content and meta and build some basic good quality links. Post this say after 90 days you will start getting data in webmasters and analytics.Then you can start with se ranking or SEO profiler paid monthly.If you have a huge site with top competition the. Semrush or ahrefs – I have both *

Aisha Snyder: Wouldnt need more than…SEMrushAhrefsRaven Tools

Destiny Griffith: Thanks everyone.

Corbin Ford: If you mean analyzing, use a blend of tools but prioritize common sense. If you mean applying, cant go past GTM as an amazing all-purpose delivery device irrespective of CMS type or none.

Destiny Griffith: For static sites. Most cms have abundance of plugins to assist with SEO like yoast. But with static, just something to keep you on the right path. …See more