Last night we went to another new ( for us ) restaurant. Well – Im cou…

Last night we went to another new ( for us ) restaurant. Well – Im counting as a new one as we havent been for 12 years! We went to Pinochios on the Avenida, in PDC. We wanted steak on a stone and had been told on Need to Know that they did that there. We got there and was offered a table inside or outside. We chose outside, and went to sit. The waiter told us to wait as he hadnt cleared it yet. But he did that immediately. He was a bit sharp, but I think that was lost in the translation. He was very nice after and explained how the steak on a stone works. We sat down, ordered our drinks and meal. They then split the table, as it was originally for 4 people. Then after having got our drinks, we were then asked if we could move to another table behind as there wouldnt be enough room for the hot stones. (Not a big problem, but they did know what we had ordered when they split off the other table.) We shared a Garlic prawns, which were nice, a bit under seasoned if Im being hyper critical. The steaks arrived – they were huge. One with chips, one with canarian potatoes – there was 8 which is a lot in a portion as you normally get 3 or 4. The waiter then cuts the steak into strips and they carry on sizzling on the hot stone. The meat was very tender. We have both had this style of steak in Mainland Spain, where the stone gets replaced when it cools, the steak is on a separate plate and you cook a bit of steak at a time so it is always cooked how you like it, eat a bit, chat a bit etc, but because the whole lot was cooked immediately, it was a lot of meat to eat in one go, and some of it ended up being a bit over done. Which you could argue is your own fault as youre cooking it! My chips were a bit underdone, but I dont eat many and the meat was so good, it wasnt a problem for me. So – half a bottle of red, a small bottle of water, a garlic prawns and bread, and 2 fillet steaks on a stone. The bill was 62€ including tip. Pretty good value to be honest, for the quality and size of the steak. We had a chupito of something pink and horrible – sadly not a honey rum 🙁 The loos are down a spiral staircase – be careful if youve had more than a glass of wine and/or youre wearing stupid shoes!! I probably wouldnt go back for that dish as it wasnt what I was expecting for a steak on a stone. The atmosphere was buzzy and the restaurant was full. Other people had a normal steak and it did look good. The service was good too ( after the first little hiccup!) But we have a favourite place for steak, which has a much better setting on the beach front, so we would go there instead in the future.

Jonah Newton: We had a meal there a couple of years ago not to bad but wouldnt go back tbh i hate eating on the avenida especially when passers by stare at your food just me probably 😃😃 much prefer old town.

Briana Frank: We were the same, they got a table for the 2 of us, came back again and asked us to move after our starters disappointing

Colton Barnett: loving your reviews Samantha Cummings I am really liking seeing the buzz and friendliness on this website. xxx

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