So – my first review. Weve been coming to Lanzarote for about 13 years…

So – my first review. Weve been coming to Lanzarote for about 13 years, and to be fair, have only ever had 4 poor meals. We always try at least one new restaurant on each trip. Last night we went to La Lanterna for the first time – on the Avenida in PDC, up some stairs by the American Indian bar. Some friends had recommended it to us, so we thought we would give it a try. Its quite small inside but looks lovely and the waiting staff were very welcoming. The majority of the tables were by a window. We were asked if we would prefer a window table – a wait of 5 mins while someone paid the bill, or have one of the others. As it was dark, so no view, and we still quite like talking to each other, we werent bothered! The waiter explained the specials – one sounded lovely, but we opted to order from the normal menu. We chose a carpaccio of beef braseola to share, and then a tagliatelle bolognaise and meatballs with spaghetti. We ordered half a bottle of Chianti and a large bottle of water ( we have learnt with age that this is a better outcome in the morning if we dont have a full bottle of wine and a small water!) Carpaccio is one of my favourite starters. This was a cured rather than a raw beef ( as it was braseola) but it was still delicious. We didnt finish it all as we wanted to leave room for the main course. We didnt eat any of the bread that came with it either. The waiter seemed concerned but we assured him that we had enjoyed it. There was a decent gap before our main dish arrived. Both were excellent. The meatballs in particular were really really good and I think were definitely homemade. As is normal in Italian restaurants – both were the never ending pasta dish! We both ate until we were full – which was about half of the pasta. Again the waiter was very concerned that we hadnt enjoyed it as we had left quite a bit. We reassured him that we had and that we neither of us have large appetites. We werent offered deserts – but to be honest we didnt want any! Overall – the service was attentive without being annoying, the gap between courses was just right, and the food great. We had to ask for the drinks when the starter arrived – but was sorted immediately. We asked for the bill and were offered a lemoncello. The bill was 39.50€ which frankly I thought was extremely good value (with no charge for the bread) The lemoncello was one of the nicest Ive ever had – it was a homemade one. We told them that – then he offered us another one! (You can buy it for 14€ a litre. They will have some next week – the chap also told me that they make orangcello as well) Would we go again – oh yes!

Julian Vaughn: Great review Samantha, thank you! We were going to go there on Wednesday then found it was closed😢. We wont make it there this trip but its at the top of our list for next time.

Ainsley Hodges: Glad you enjoyed it one of my favourite spots.

Celine Williamson: So nice to see all the reviews coming in keep it, we welcome it and I hope to see more on this website

Joshua Zimmerman: No charge for bread !!!!!! Im ……..

Joshua Zimmerman::

Liana Graves: Sounds good. Also that they make their own limoncello – even better !

Celine Williamson: thank you Samantha Cummings for your first review keep them coming it is lovely to see so many of you sharing your experiences … wonderful

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