I hope its ok to ask a question admins? Does anyone know the name of t…

I hope its ok to ask a question admins? Does anyone know the name of the two tapas bars in Playa Honda, near La Caleta? One of my favorites, La Caleta is so successful that it is frequently full, especially at the weekend. So last time I visited with friends we could not get a seat there and ate fish kebabs at the third one along. I want to take a friend there on Sunday, but because its Easter I want to book in advance. I cant think of the name of the place! Can anyone help?

Averie Bradley: You mean this one ? Mes Igual más que tapas Adres: Calle Alisios, 35509 Playa HondaTel: +34 928 82 32 91

Averie Bradley: or

Averie Bradley: or Bar Y Tapas Las Toscas Calle Guanarame, 25, 35509 Playa Honda

Annalise Guzman: Thank you Ellen, but all three bars Im thinking of all face the sea.

Averie Bradley: Any of these names ring a bell then?

Annalise Guzman: Thank you. It is possibly grill casa tere, I will telephone them. I will write a review, but the last time I went those fish kebabs were the best Ive ever had.

Averie Bradley: Youre welcome. Have a good Easter! 🐣🐣🐣

Rylee Elliott: No problem Annalise Guzman: this website aims to help everyone with no restrictions. happy you got the info needed look forward to the review. x

Hannah Andrews: Casa Terry.

Peyton Flores: Casa Tere and Grill Tere