Himalaya Restaurant:- 1st Jan 2018 The worst take out Ive had. The chi…

Himalaya Restaurant:- 1st Jan 2018 The worst take out Ive had. The chicken was rank, the Naan was dry virtually inedible mixed starter chicken also rank the lamb tasted unlike Lamb. Clearly the food had seen better days and I guess it was my unfortunate luck to be the one guy to order take out in the afternoon on New Years Day. Once I arrived home (55e lighter) I telephoned to speak to the manager and complain, also to give him the opportunity to make amends. Think it was Rashid or Ramesh that I spoke to, he wasnt interested, took him all his time to utter an apology no refund no voucher not even a discount of the next visit. Wouldnt eat there or recommend this restaurant ever.

Annalise Hart: It must have been a bad day in the office Ian weve visited numerous times and its been excellent.I agree with you tho they should have compensated you etc.

Mary May: I think the man who at the Everest restaurant owns the Himalayas . As he asked us to go and try the Himalayas restaurant, when it first opened and give him some feedback on it what we thought. Maybe it worth a try speaking to him about your experience.

Sage Long: Bad night by the sound of it, weve been a few times and its been very good. Visited Everest (sister restaurant) last night and it was excellent as usual!

Kyla Schultz: All ways had a good meal there

Giselle Black: Id eaten there before myself and really enjoyed the food. Was looking forward to some delicious food again but sadly that wasnt the case. Had I not been feeling a tad delicate and up for the return trip from Tias back to the strip I would have taken the food back.

Aurora Erickson: The owner is called Shiva and usually does the PR outside Everest. Definitely worth speaking to him.Ive eaten in the restaurant approx 200 times and never once had an average meal let alone anything worse!