Just tryna mix it up any horror stories youve had while trading? 😩<...

Just tryna mix it up any horror stories youve had while trading? 😩

Tiffany Gregory: My whole portfolio in the past month??

Juniper Higgins: 😂😂😂 sorry cant help butLaugh 😩

Tiffany Gregory: All good…… still in profit overall but a hefty devaluation

Dallas Sherman: Its been a brutal few weeks…Hoping some good will come after EOFY.

Juniper Higgins: I have $4000 in demem which has crumbled still up thought myself just about lol

Tiffany Gregory: I lost a fair bit off the back of Reffind…… I was nudging $30k but now Im back to $21k for the whole lot

Leighton Bowers: Not getting out of BIG Un in time

Adaline Dean: Cfu

Liliana Harvey: LWP, DRK, PGY, IVR

Esther Hicks: I bought CMY SHARES

Esther Hicks::


Tyler Hopkins: CMY also ‘gambling for another quick hype trade profit

Emely Bradley: Buying SAS in about July last year and holding since

Landon Mendez: Put waaay too much money into the blasted XTV before they broke their contract with AT&T and went BANKRUPT. Bunch of bastards.

Claire Fuller: Dont start with MUS

Remington Wright: Twice i have went to sell my shares and accidentally bought instead and then had to sell a bit cheaper to get out of the trade. Dont trade from your phone

Fernando Sullivan: But tell the tax man you do

Liliana Harvey: I did that once but I was lucky it worked out well

Remington Wright: I only lost like $100

Leighton Bowers: Yes i can sympathise and relate 😢

Rosalie Guerrero: MUS

Ximena Day: Waylon Webb: i havent had any its been smooth sailing for me

Waylon Webb: Buying based on Facebook group speculation has worked a treat for me😊

Andrea Morton: In 1999 I went on a 4 week holiday to NZ. Unknowingly while i was off having a great time, it turned out that I departed to NZ on the morning of the very first day of the tech wreck bubble bursting. When i returned home my portfolio value had lost 300K. Ouch that hurt

Remington Wright: Oh crap

Andrea Morton: Remington Wright: yeah. As i wasnt monitoring the markets I didnt even know the bubble had burst until the day i go home.

Remington Wright: I kind of had the same thing happen in january when i went on a cruise. When i got to shore i realised that some had dropped 80%

Remington Wright: Andrea Morton: that got to hurt. Hope it has recovered for you

Andrea Morton: Remington Wright: . Most of the stocks were virtually worthless in the end. Some folded, another was bought out at a 1 for 18 ratio. In short, of those that did survive,very few of those tech companies have recovered even to this day

Remington Wright: I wasnt trading back then thank god.

Andrea Morton: Remington Wright: A lesson I learnt, all be it too late, is that if you are going to be away on holiday somewhere remote with access to internet, then you should sell everything before you leave. I hope yours make a gradual comeback

Remington Wright: Yeah i will do that in future. Still waiting for the recovery

Tyler Hopkins: Andrea Morton: or simply have a stop loss in place?

Andrea Morton: Yes that would have been the go but 20 years ago I was a rather naive buy and hold type. Certainly didnt expect the bubble to burst. Thought it would run for another 6-12 months

Tyler Hopkins: Andrea Morton: in that time, did any other stocks besides tech crash considerably as a chain reaction?

Andrea Morton: Matt Shaw . Cant really remember but i dont think so. I was 99% in tech stocks and 1% telecommunications and banks.

Daniel Waters: Andrea Morton: same as me right now..but as they say life is to short to learn by making mistakes yourself..so you should learn from others mistakes as well..thanks for sharing the experience..

Selena May: Is there a lesson here on stop losses

Andrea Morton: Frank Watkins . Most definitely. Stop loss is ok in normal circumstances when sp drops a little gradually but not sure if it would have worked in a market collapse when a share price drops instantly by 25, 30 or 50%

Bristol Cortez: I had all my eggs in the PEN basket when Fukushima happened 🌪💨🌊☄️☀️😵😵😵🤕🤕🤕😭😭😭🤬🤬🤬

Nylah Lewis: DCc

Gabriel Thomas: I feel your pain, also holding it 😂

Daniel Waters: I was in the boat too..but got out at some loss..

Ember Guerrero: Bought at 0.03 🤙

Nylah Lewis: Yeah i letting that burning rope go at 0.175 and walked away with a $18K loss 😡😡😡

Gabriel Thomas: Ouch

Benjamin Turner: QIN 🙁

Leighton Bowers: Well ya probably saw my sordid story what happened today. I lost 1K due to a rushed typo error on my sell order. 😱😵🤢😧😢

Logan Jennings: My first ever buy back in 2008. MST (Metalstorm) “its a sure thing” ringing in my ears. Poof, gone. All 2 million shares.

Bradley Perry: Metal storm was a good buy in about 2001 2008 just about everything got carted

Lainey Matthews: Rode ZYB to the top and didnt set a stop loss at all. Crashed the day after I went to a Frank Watkins seminar, in which he specifically said stops are a great thing. Got in at $0.014, at $0.04 I held because I wanted to 3 bag and didnt bother placing a sell order. Got out after the tumble at $0.015 😐

Waylon Webb: Ximena Day: CAD

Nicolas Alvarez: Dont remembering it tumbling that drastically in a day

Lainey Matthews: Nicolas Alvarez: I dont remember saying I sold it on that one day 🤔

Nicolas Alvarez: Fair call 🙂

Gabriel Thomas: Bought bcn at 0.018 watched it climb to 0.028 and never sold and watched it just keep going down from there

Madeline Reyes: epm is my worst and pnx not great , still up but should of stop lossed them both , only lost about 3k all up but still holding them so havent lost anything yet lol

Nicolas Alvarez: I hold pnx too stubborn to sell wtf

Madeline Reyes: Nicolas Alvarez: yeah me to ill be tossing them in the cuboard for a year or two i think

Nicolas Alvarez: Sick of looking at it in my portfolio do I still see Potential?

Tiffany Pittman: I bought a stock that went ballistic only to discover I got the last Letter of the symbol wrong both were trading at the same price to notice the error, missed a small fortune

Peter Ford: Bought Iraq dinar in 2008 instead of bitcoin 😩😁

Georgia Hudson: XTV….. BIG

Emerson Munoz: MEI…..

Jayceon Conner: GSW..

Fernanda Watson: GSW..was up 45k..got out 7k down..BIG..who knows..its been a shit year lol…but the best part is it is invaluable lessons.

Anastasia Craig: Bought qbl, week later it tripled… held and now Im up 50%… still a bit iffy, but holding…. mmj pretty much same story… fml

Faith Harrington: GCN

Madeline Reyes: missing out on AUZ had 12000 invested in cai at 3.7 , got a tip to sell at 5.9 and buy auz at 2.1 , fk i was only just starting and didnt do it

Jude Stewart: ADO OBJ AJX FPLListening to management only to find out they are talking shit the whole time. Blown $400k across the 4 of them

Lainey Matthews: Sounds like the P&D run by the EUC directors

Jude Stewart: Lainey Matthews: funnily enough OBJ and AJX have some good contracts but they just cant make enough from their products

Jude Stewart: Selling AMI at 4.3 cents as their loans were just about to be called in.. they didnt and two years later are sitting at 60 cents..

Everleigh Clark: Some bad impulsive decisions after reading crap on hot cooper Haha.

Tatum Fitzgerald: William Thomas.

Bradley Perry: Interesting the amount of people on this post that DONT mention the GFC

Sarah Huff: Yes selling dragon oil in the uk for 4 pence and it hitting oil the next day.Went up to £1.92 Dam it.

Evangeline Clarke: BIG

Gracelynn Morris: GTE

River Oliver: Asn 😂🤔😔😩😱😭

Camilla Sutton: looking for a perfect trifecta of horror stories? Look no further than this : On one single day I invested money into 3 ASX listed producers of different commodities – all big names at the time : PDN, GBG & NXS. all billion $ + MCap and all buzzing with hope to reach new heights. All on the same day and same amount. Since that day, I have stopped investing money into these producers and backed the pennies where the chances of failures are still the same but the chance of success is very rewarding.

River Aguilar: LYC – 96% loss…

Elliott Copeland: wow i just checked the chart. No stop loss? What happened ?