QBL – possible Reverse Take Over (RTO) by MCL? Any other deal where MC…

QBL – possible Reverse Take Over (RTO) by MCL? Any other deal where MCL were acquiring any other business however big or complicated would have been sorted by now. The fact that it is taking MCL so long tells me that it NOT a big acquisition of another business but possibly of the mother company – QBL. This deal is the only logical situation I can think of now after eliminating almost every other scenarios where MCL would be acquiring something in the hemp / medicine / processing etc etc space. So if this were true, QBL shareholders would receive an X amount of shares in MCL (as per the ratio they come up with) and still hold the original QBL shares too (which would just hold the mining business). So the total entity would still be worth $80 million as per last count but would now be split into 2 distinct businesses and listed on the exchange – thereby unlocking the true potential of the MCL arm. While they are at it, they could even consolidate the QBL (mining arm) shares in a ratio where the new entity would have around 150 million shares or so (1:10 or 1:15 type of consolidation). This is just my opinion and I could be totally wrong – QBL could just announce today that they are acquiring something HUGE and the party could start. But I think this RTO is now a highly likely possibility looking at the delay and the ASX queries on how separate the two businesses & how to list this new entity.

Sara Evans: The real question everyone is asking is if the trading halt will be lifted

Aidan Boyd: I dont think it matters when it starts trading. It will trade when the ASX is happy with the paperwork. My bigger interest is in seeing what have they acquired which is so big that it is attracting such a long suspension. And hence I think it is not BIG, but more complicated like a RTO. Just my 2c.

Quinn Roy: Hahaha parag I had a whole legal counselling with someone for saying this on how it is not possible or legal for a rto.

Quinn Roy: I wonder what he has to say

Aidan Boyd: Quinn Roy: there is nothing illegal in this. Complicated yes. Illegal no.

Quinn Roy: Aidan Boyd: exactly what I said but the legal advisor of asx rules said they will not allow it 😂😂

Camden Ellis: I said that was a possibility before Christmas 😀

Aidan Boyd: and that is why whenever I will print a banknote, I will make sure it says In Martin Fisher, We Trust !!!!

Camden Ellis: Some people thought I was a loon to suggest it… but there ygo…

Nadia Hopkins: A lot of holders have the same opinion Aidan Boyd:. I also think they possibly went into trading halt earlier than they wanted to because QBL had ran from as low as 0.035 to 0.05 on no news so maybe info had got out before they were prepared for Ann