Is aker a buy ?

Is aker a buy ?

Lyric Briggs: Bro where have you been under a rock?

Ethan Scott: On top of RAS, just thinking to buy AKER on red. I hope youre on top of the rock 🤘

Mark Burgess: Ethan Scott: I bought some today.

Chance Perry: My first purchase on robinhood. 44 shares 🤘

Abraham Mccarthy: Ras been good today quiet surprise. Hope it hit in the 60s

Ethan Scott: Patience pays I got it at 0.17 and held it

Amir Kennedy: I sold mine earlier, should have held, But still made a profit.

Carly Erickson: When it falls some more.

Magnolia Rowe: Buy buy its the bottom now 🙂

Ethan Scott: Did

Magnolia Rowe: Ethan Scott: great! Now keep it until hit $1

Ethan Scott: Thanks

Ariel Stewart: pump and dump stock.

Oakley Carson: I think the lowest it could go is .48 but would bounce off of that. Anything in the .48-.52 range is a for sure buy. Anything up to .55 is still a good buy in my opinion. Fda could see it to over 1.50 and has multiple catalysts next year if deciding to go long

Chelsea Walters: I see support @ .50~ but I also thought it wouldve been making some sort of recovery by now… on 180 chart might be making cup and handle pattern…

Chelsea Walters: people have been calling it a pump and dump since like 20 cents… lol Ill tell you in a month or so lol

Ariel Stewart: Some people think NVCN is a really good stock and its not, I personally dont trade any penny stocks thats not a dollar or above

Chelsea Walters: I try not to but knew thered be an ER dip and couldnt help myself lol too much chance of recovery. if it dumps on me Im going back to strictly etfs at least till recovery

Chelsea Walters: just like trov… potential I couldnt pass even if I jump in early. also not putting whole portfolio down either tho

Amanda Patrick: Aker is a steal right now buy it up

Brooklynn Beck: i hopped in at .55

Emerson Cunningham: Stack up