I just wondered, if people on here who buy chips from the fish and chi…

I just wondered, if people on here who buy chips from the fish and chip shop, check if they are cooked separately? As nearly every fish and chip shop Ive been to, seem to cook them in with the fish! So I dont want them!😞 personally I think they should all cook them separately! My local one cooks them separately and in vegetable oil! But a lot of other dont seem to!😡

Maverick Glover: Friendly admin reminder. In this website trace warnings and shared cooking surfaces/fryers are considered vegan. Individuals will have their own opinions about whether they are willing to eat it but we dont allow any arguments about whether said items are vegan.

Mabel Pittman: Our local actually cooks the chips in lard!Its disgusting, now I always ask what they cook chips in where ever I go 😓

Jonathan Walters: Luckily, that seems to be a dying practice, at least in the States. People are starting to realize just how disgusting and unhealthy that is, when vegetable oil is just as good for frying!

Brody Miller: They usually do but I usually ask if they would do it separately. Youd be surprised at how many restaurants actually dont mind.

Logan Sharp: Im always thankful for servers who understand this issue and tell me when things are fried in the same fryer.

Maverick Glover: Wait,.. they fill a whole new fryer with 15 dollars worth of fresh oil in for you????

Gabriel Murphy: I think they meant so that they will not order the item, not that the restaurant accommodates them.

Maverick Glover: Ohhh I was confused.

Gabriel Murphy: Shared fryers are not something that I am willing to use, as, unlike most shared surfaces, you are actually ingesting a reasonable amount of whatever else is in there. To me, using shared fryers is like picking pepperoni out of your meal and then eati…See more

Maverick Glover: Thats fine as long as we arent telling other vegans they arent vegans for letting it go. I wouldnt have let the post through if we werent willing to let t be discussed.

Griffin Shelton: Gabriel Murphy: the difference being that if you pick pepperoni off your pizza and eat it, the pepperoni has been used for your sake and you have contributed to the use and demand of that product. Eating a vegan product that has been cooked in the s…See more

Jonathan Walters: I check to see if my food is fried in lard. If it is, thats a no-go. But if my stuff merely shares the same vegetable oil fryer, Im more or less okay with it. I think theres value in showcasing a vegan lifestyle as easy and accessible. I also think that although cross contamination is icky, ultimately, no additional animals were harmed through cross contamination, and honestly, my palette is not refined enough to taste any sort of difference. Everyone has their own preferences, tho, and thats okay!

Maverick Glover: Same here

Annabelle Caldwell: Same and definitely think it makes veganism seem more approachable so hopefully more appealing

Penelope Ramirez: Never buy from Fish and Chip shops so allergic to fish and seafood…

Kennedy Gordon: I was actually asking this about a new restaurant and they said they cook everything separately. A fryer for each.

Camilla Steele: Fish and chip places are rarely vegan unfortunately x

Maverick Glover: In this website cross contamination/shared fryer etc is considered vegan.

Camilla Steele: Not even about that, they use the drippings from the fish to add flavour. Thats why the chip fryer is under where the fish cooks. The oil seeks into the chips fryer x

Maverick Glover: Im letting you know what our group policy is. If it doesnt work for you, there are other groups that may be more your style. Individuals should always ask how their fries are cooked and if flavorings are added.

Camilla Steele: Well of course they should ask. Cant just assume that theyre all like that. I havent been to all the fish and chip shops in the UK. I was just pointing out what I know, and what Ive been told by workers in these shops.

Justice Park: Our local chippy has a separate vegan fryer. 😋

Ryker Santiago: People get confused like I once did. I asked if they were cooked separately and was told yes, so I bought some and ate them. Next time I was in there I asked and said they tasted fishy and was told that at the end of the day the friers are drained together at the same time through a filter to get rid of large particles, then put back after obviously being mixed together

Parker Fields: I dont mind but I dont want my kids eating them 😂